Amber Heard rejected the money that Johnny Depp earned with Pirates of the Caribbean 5

More than 6,000 pages of court documents used in the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been revealed, with The Daily Beast reporting that Heard’s team claimed in pre-trial documents that she suffered financial losses of between $47 million and $50 million. dollars over a “3 to 5 year period” due to … Read more

Promoter of the Cattleya network charged an undercover agent 11 thousand pesos for one hour with one of the victims

Santo Domingo, DR. Of the 7 testimonial evidence presented by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Against Illicit Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons (PETT), in the coercive measure file against those involved in the Cattleya operation, six are from undercover agents who participated in the investigation of this network of trafficking and sexual exploitation of … Read more

The concert in 2010 that shows the harmony of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta – Libertad Digital

John Travolta Y Olivia Newton-John, friends until the end, played Danny and Sandy again in 2010 and on stage. Both actors and singers performed “You are the one that I want” from the 1978 movie hit commemorating the success of the film and their own friendship. John Travoltahis partner in the eternal musical grease (1978), … Read more

What is metastatic breast cancer, the disease from which Olivia Newton-John died

“She has lost her battle against metastatic breast cancer”. This statement to ‘TMZ’ from a source close to the family of Olivia Newton-John announced the death of the prestigious actress at the age of 73. British-Australian artist, popular worldwide for her role as Sandy in the film greaseHe had been fighting for 30 years cancer. … Read more

How they make money in the face of high energy prices

Share Cryptocurrency farms are suffering from low asset prices and high energy costs. How to get income? Here are some keys. The technology blockchain It has become a fundamental piece in the universe of cryptocurrencies. For a little over a decade, Bitcoin, Ethereum and a number of other options on the market have only brought … Read more

Study: Exercise helps adults with memory problems | USA

New research suggests that a simple exercise routine may be enough to help older people with memory problems. Doctors have long said that physical activity helps keep the brain healthy. But the US government-funded study is based on the longest trials to determine if physical exercise has any effect once memory begins to fail. And … Read more