likely line-up with four newcomers?

The Greens will host Valenciennes this Saturday (19:00). Although the transfer window has just ended, will Laurent Batles be tempted to start his new signing Florian Tardieu? An attack can also change its face… Missing The coach decided to wait until the end of the transfer window to give away his group. Some players were … Read more

high levels of lead in the blood of consumers

“Because the cannabis plant is a known metal absorber, we hypothesized that people who use it have higher levels of metal biomarkers than non-smokers.” said researchers from Columbia University (USA). To test this theory, the team conducted a study using National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES) data from 2005-2018. The researchers then classified the 7,254 … Read more

386 Ukrainian children were adopted in Russia

“We have confirmed the figures. 386 children – it has been established that they have been placed in Russian families and that the adoption procedure has been started or completed for them,” Lubinets said. He emphasized that terminology is very important in this matter, since there is a difference between adoption and temporary custody. Lubinets … Read more

Whoever is given a talent must return it with a twist / LR3 / / Latvijas Radio

Opening the new academic year, in “Klasika” we meet with the rector of the Jazeps Vitolas Latvian Academy of Music and Professor GUNTARS PRANI – an experienced pianist and conductor, a musicologist with international recognition and a researcher of early music, who in 2015 received a doctoral degree with the highest rating (Summa cum Laude) … Read more

Mini introduced electric Cooper and Countryman (+PHOTO)

All-electric models join the well-known Cooper and Countryman combustion engine versions. British carmaker Mini has unveiled the Cooper electric hatchback and the Countryman electric crossover. Cooper is built on a completely new platform designed exclusively for electric vehicles, without the possibility of installing even internal combustion engines. The car retained the traditional Mini look of … Read more

Latvian basketball players will not change their attitude; Brazil beat Canada by changing tactics

The Latvian national basketball team was not afraid of any opponent even before the World Cup, so they will approach the decisive game of the second round of the final tournament against Brazil with the same attitude, the basketball players of the national team said after the match.It has already been reported that Friday turned … Read more

Scientists have collected this variety from experimental fields where people can try it.

The female academics, celebrating their 8th birthday, will collect seeds from their experimental fields at the Department of Chemical Biology, Faculty of Engineering, Palacký University in Olomouc. A symbolic horseshoe for the family will take place at the university campus in Olomouc, Golitsa. The celebrations will not miss the Donko wreath, the planting of a … Read more