Challenging Prejudice: Women in Men’s Territory – Come and See

-After the General Inspectorate of Justice instructed the Jockey Club to “respect gender diversity” and ordered that the entity’s governing bodies “must be made up of the same number of female and male members”, many people suddenly acquired awareness that despite the progress of the 21st century, there are territories that continue to be exclusively … Read more

This is how Bale ended up in the MLS

On June 5, Gareth Bale played the season. He made it clear in March, before facing an Austria that he himself executed with a double: “I am focused solely on this game, on this classification. The stakes are high and I’m not thinking about anything else right now.” The last obstacle between Bale and the … Read more

an employee gives his heartbreaking testimony about what he experienced – FayerWayer

During the last few months we have witnessed a series of disagreements and erratic movements by Elon Musk, which apparently has inevitably impacted the interior of Tesla Motors. The auto company has distinguished itself, particularly since the pandemic, by presenting a considerable series of delays in its production flows. There are vehicles, like the Cybertruck, … Read more

PlayStation Talents celebrates The Moment today at 7:30 p.m., the event where we will learn about the developments of a number of games

The PlayStation Talents program, which is responsible for promoting the development of video games in small studios in Spain, celebrates a new edition of The Moment. Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has revealed the most important information about the event. Today, June 30 at 7:30 p.m. (peninsular time), a new edition of The Moment by PlayStation … Read more

“I came here at the age of 14 in a trailer and lost consciousness due to the heat”: the anger and shock in San Antonio over the death of 53 migrants in a truck

Read Sales BBC News World Special Envoy to San Antonio, Texas 5 hours image source, Getty Images Caption, Wanda Pérez hugs Laura Yohualtlahuiz during the vigil for the dead migrants. “Look at me: do I look like an American to you? Do you know how many times I was called a bean-eater in school? How … Read more

The Minions arrive at the movie billboard

This week up to the local billboard the premiere of “Minions 2: A Villain Is Born”. The adventures of these friendly “helpers” of the world’s most famous villain are back. In this new installment of the franchise we will see a young Gru, only 12 years old, whose only desire in life is to become … Read more

The professional profiles that the metaverse already demands | fedu | KMPG | Virtual reality | Augmented reality | ICT talent | TECHNOLOGY

These include working, socializing, playing, entertaining, shopping, studying, among others. “The entire area of ​​entertainment such as concerts, movies and series, even art galleries, will be very well received in the metaverse. This thanks to the immersive experiences provided by new technologies and that have been reflected in massive virtual concerts with artists such as … Read more