This MMO gives us more than 200 hours of gameplay, and is available for less than 1 euro on Steam, an irresistible and unrepeatable offer

We could almost say that MMOs are imperishables. Although the genre has been seeing different proposals year after year and some of them have failed to be attractive to the general public, the genre has survived and is today a reference for many. Within the genre, Asian titles have stolen an important part of the … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin prices today June 29

For Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies in the cryptoactive markets, this is its behavior on the morning of this Wednesday, June 29, 2022 against different national currencies such as the US dollar. Currently the most popular of virtual currencies is positioned at a value close to the mark of 20 thousand dollars per unit, where … Read more

What to do when concerts are cancelled?

In the last several months concerts of international artists have been canceled in the Dominican Republic. Did they fail to engage the fans enough and was this reflected in ticket sales? Was there little promotion or did they do it without enough time? Or were they due to personal situations of the artists? The causes … Read more

Challenging Prejudice: Women in Men’s Territory – Come and See

-After the General Inspectorate of Justice instructed the Jockey Club to “respect gender diversity” and ordered that the entity’s governing bodies “must be made up of the same number of female and male members”, many people suddenly acquired awareness that despite the progress of the 21st century, there are territories that continue to be exclusively … Read more