Zendaya wants to direct and play a villain in the near future

We recognized Zenadayu on the screens as always a positive character who saves the world, people and is not afraid to fall in love. However, in her latest interview with Elle magazine, the actress admitted that she wanted to play the role of an evil character in order to break the stereotypes about herself as an actress who can only be a positive character.

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“I’d love to play a villain,” Zendaya said. “I want to feel the atmosphere of evil, no matter how it manifests itself. It doesn’t have to be an evil superhero, I just want to feel those emotions because I’ve always been a positive character in movies.”

Zendaya also admitted that directing is on her wish list. The Emmy winner said in an interview that she’d love to focus on directing, but first she’ll have to overcome her fears. “The first step to starting something individual is not easy, so hopefully I can get over that fear.” Currently, Zendaya has established herself as a talented actress and successful producer, so her plans for a directing career did not surprise the film industry.

Elle’s interview with Zendaya took place shortly before the US Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strike. At that moment, Zendaya was preparing for two grandiose premieres.

The Pretenders was supposed to open the Venice Film Festival in September, but due to a strike, the film’s premiere has been pushed back to 2024. The premiere of Capa: Part II has also been pushed back to spring 2024. It was the second major film with the participation of the famous actress this year, writes “Variety”.

Both premieres await not only Zendaya and the filmmakers, but also film lovers from all over the world who followed the news from the set with interest.

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