Zendaya uses this rose water toner for luminous skin

doZendaya have a tonic Favourite? Yes. We are always open to trying the products that stars use in their beauty routines, like when we discovered the favorite toner of Zendayawhich is supposed to give the skin a beautiful glow thanks to rose water.

You know which one is? We tell you about him.

Zendaya bets on this tonic to shine

A few years ago the actress revealed her secret to a unique glow. In a 2017 post on her website, Zendaya shared that she trusts Thayers Facial Toner with rosewater. This is a true cult skincare beauty brand from the United States, which can be found in several countries. Thayers was founded in 1847 by Dr. Henry Thayer, a long time to gain a wealth of experience. But what exactly is so special about the tonic so that stars like Zendaya trust him?

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What makes it so special?

Have you heard of witch hazel? Witch hazel, a plant genus of witch hazel, is the main ingredient in all the brand’s products and has a particularly calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially for combination and oily skin, this active ingredient is a real bet, as it can also help regulate excessive oil production. But going back to facial toner used by Zendayais available in six different versions: with rose water (for a natural glow), with cucumber extract (refreshing), with coconut (intensely moisturizing) and with lavender (soothing), as well as the Original and Unscented, which do not they have fragrance and are especially good for sensitive skin.

Can you guess which is the Zendaya’s favorite tonic? That’s right, the version with rose water for shine. The tonic hydrates the skin for up to eight hours and helps balance the pH level. The Unique Witch Hazel Blend and aloe vera combined with rose water, leaves a radiant finish and a fresh and regenerated complexion.

Article originally published by Glamor Germany, glamour.de, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.

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