Zendaya talked about pregnancy rumors with Tom Holland and was blunt


The actors were victims of pregnancy rumors and, after so much speculation, she decided to respond. Look!

Zendaya and Tom Holland
© @zendayaZendaya and Tom Holland

Tom Holland Y Zendaya, who met during the filming of Spider-Man at Marvel, established a unique relationship. In the first instance, the actors declared themselves good friends, to the point of considering themselves brothers, but then they went for more. It was last year, when both were seen kissing on the streets of Los Angeles and, later, they had no choice but to admit their courtship, which delighted their fans.

This is because, more than once, Tom Holland Y Zendaya they were victims of romance rumors long before they became a couple. Their undeniable chemistry in front of the cameras was what led them to be the target of these rumors that, just a year ago, became a reality. But, it should be noted that beyond the fact that the interpreters confirmed their link, the speculations around them have not stopped.

The last one, however, angered Zendaya. Is that, through TikTok, a video went viral in which it was confirmed that the singer was also pregnant with Tom Holland. From what appears in the audiovisual, a publication is seen as if it were from his official Instagram profile sharing an ultrasound of the alleged baby. However, the reality is that it is a trend fake in which, after showing said image, Kris Jenner appears dancing and announcing that it was a hoax.

In any case, beyond the fact that the same TikTok video says that it is false news, many have come to believe that the artist could be pregnant. That is why, immediately, she decided to clarify the situation and was blunt with her followers. Through her Instagram stories, Zendaya wrote: “That’s why I stay off Twitter. They invent things for no reason, every week”, thus denying the arrival of their first child.

Then, in another story, he noted: “Either way, back to the Challengers shoot”, making it clear that this is real. For its part, Tom Hollandhas not come out to speak about it, but already with the response of Zendaya It is more than enough. The reality is that the actors are just beginning their relationship and are at their best staying away from the media.

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