Zendaya asks in Euphoria season 3 for “a little happiness and joy for Rue”

MADRID, 1 Jan. (CulturaOcio) –

Euphoria will have a third season and, although it does not yet have a release date, little by little some details Of the plot. Recently, zendayaSydney Sweeney, Hunter Schafer and Maude Apatow participated in a question session and answers in which they gave some keys to the fictional future from HBO Max.

“My wish is literally that I can be alive and maybe enjoy. I hope there is a little happiness and joy for her. And I know she can do it because Sam Levinson wrote it, and Sam is Rue, and she’s done it,” Zendaya saidreferring to the real addiction problems from the creator of the series.

“He is proof that there is hope for Rue and to anyone like Rue, and for the beautiful letters and people who have contacted us. I am so grateful for those experiences, when someone comes up to me and talks about Rue and how they have connected with her or with any part of her healing journey. For me, that is the greatest gift I can ask for, it gives me euphoria and gives meaning to what I do“, added. “I just hope a little joy and that she I can breathe and love without fear of losing. She’s going to have to go through some things, yes, but you know, we’ll get there,” the actress concluded.

sydney sweeneywho gives life to Cassie, assured that her character “is looking for a family in anyone. She looks for it in his friends, she looks for it in men.”

In Lexi’s case, Maude Apatow you want your character to find”freedom of herself and your negative thoughts.” “Once that’s out of the way, you can develop your full potential, and I think it probably will be the case for you: will stop attacking itself”he stressed.

“Each of these characters has his own vice in a way and I think Jules’s vice is the closeness with other people and feeling grounded in that closeness, without any real judgment or connection or security,” Hunter Schafer explained of her character. “I think she doesn’t find it in the best light most of the time, but I think in the end, it’s what you are looking for“, he added.

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