Zelensky is worried the West will leave him when the battlefield is in Russia


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is on fire. He admitted that he was worried that Western countries would leave Ukraine. Why?

Zelensky announced this in a recent interview with national media on Sunday (08/27/2023) local time. According to CNN on Monday (August 28, 2023), Zelenskiy was first asked if it was time for the Ukrainian military to move into Russian territory.

He also called it a big risk. He believes that Ukraine will be left alone if its military enters Russian territory.

“I believe that this is a huge risk, and we will definitely be left alone,” Zelensky said.

Zelensky said that Ukraine’s western allies had a lot of help in Ukraine’s struggle to regain its territory. Ukraine’s progress and responsibility on the battlefield, Zelensky said, “should always be bilateral.”

He said that Ukraine’s international partners were part of every victory. He said support was in counterattacks on every defensive move by Ukraine.

Zelenskiy also said that he believes efforts to “stimulate the demilitarization of Russia” in Crimea can be carried out through political means. Crimea was annexed by Moscow from Ukraine in 2014.

For information, attacks on Russian territory have become more frequent in recent months. Moscow officials blamed Ukraine for the drone attacks, which have sometimes injured and even killed civilians.

Officials in Kyiv have hinted at incidents in Russia, with Zelenskiy saying war has “restarted with Russia” after a flurry of drone strikes last month. However, Ukraine often refuses to publicly acknowledge that it is behind attacks on Russia’s borders.

However, Kyiv said that attacks using maritime drones and other weapons were carried out on the territory of Crimea and other objects in the Black Sea. Ukraine promises that there will be more such attacks in the future.

On several occasions, Ukraine has also reiterated its goal of expelling Russia from its territories, including Crimea.

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