Yunior García Aguilera, the Cuban intellectual who bothers the regime with the 15N

“The multiparty system does not guarantee democracy, but the single party annuls it completely,” the 39-year-old Cuban playwright said in an interview with the Spanish agency EFE. Yunior Garcia Aguilera, main leader of the civic march for the change of November 15, outlawed by the Government.

Inspired by the example of African-American activist Rosa Parks, The young dissident has bothered the Cuban Government by proposing a popular demonstration against the violence and in favor of the release of political prisoners and the solution of differences through democratic and peaceful means.

The day before, on Sunday the 14th, García intends to walk alone, in silence and with a white rose in Vedado, and the threats of jail have not been long in coming.

The activist confesses that he is concerned and feels responsible for a eventual crackdown on protestersBut she persists in “not yielding” her right to march, just as Parks remained seated on the bus when summoned by a white policeman.

Asked about the objective of the March of 15N, Garcia responds that it is “shake a country, make people aware, generate a debate that causes changes. A good part of the population pretended not to be interested in political matters and avoided looking for trouble. Now people believe that they can make changes and are deciding to participate, especially the youngest whose only hope was to leave the country. Those who cannot leave or have decided to stay know that they must take charge of their destiny, participate in reality and bring about changes for their benefit. We want that to happen in the most peaceful and civic way possible. “

Cuba is a kind of matryoshka -traditional Russian doll- because all the time it accuses the US of threats, sanctions, repression; Nevertheless, the government behaves the same against the people themselves by reproducing that scheme inward. It is a besieged fortress where Any dissent is considered treason and in the end the one who pays is the ordinary Cuban by queuing, buying everything on the black market, which has seen the worst inflation in recent times. “

The activist, coordinator of the platform Archipelago says this organization “It is not a political party. It is a plural platform because, precisely, what Cuba needs is a consensus where various ideas about the country we want are discussed.. It has to be an original proposal that is not a return to the past because it is about landing Cuba in the present and moving towards the future. There must be freedom, end censorship, thought and a single party because it is absurd to think that a country of 11 million people has only one party“.

García’s aspirations are based on reaching a “national, deep, real, transformative dialogue that does not exclude anyone, takes into account emigration from exile and its result is expressed at the ballot box. Hopefully we Cubans can decide in a plebiscite which country we want and it is not a question of which side beats another, or one dictatorship is replaced by another, but rather that the citizen’s will is expressed in the most civic way possible. “

“When there is a session of the National Assembly, the Communist Party or the Government, we see very conservative gentlemen with their Guayaberas who live very differently from the town, they move around in their cars, they live in houses with swimming pools, they don’t have to queue. I have not seen a frank discussion of freely convertible currency (MLC) stores, which is one of the biggest concerns of the people. What we see are unanimous votes. “

The The Cuban government revealed the identity of the spy “Fernando” from State Security, Dr. Carlos Leonardo Vázquez, who said that García seeks a confrontation with the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and the Ministry of the Interior (MININT).

Against this Garcia answer back that “the regime tries to put together a conspiracy theory from photos and audios adulterated and taken out of context. I attended those events in Buenos Aires and Madrid with my passport processed by the UNEAC (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), the state organization to which he belonged then. State Security was not interested in my presence there, the only thing they told me was not to make statements to the press. “

“Now they have used those two trips to manipulate. This agent only knew me for three days at the event in Madrid in 2019 and has lied quite a bit; He has used phrases that I would never say like I would dedicate my life to the counterrevolution. I have never used the word counterrevolution because I am convinced that what we do is very revolutionary and quite the opposite of what the State does, which behaves as a conservative, dogmatic entity“, said.

The fear of a possible imprisonment of the playwright grows as the date of the demonstration approaches. The State Security warned Yunior García Aguilera this Thursday that he will be arrested in the Combinado del Este and will not allow his solo march through Vedado on Sunday, November 14, one day before the March of 15N.

“If I went to prison, I would resign from the defense because I do not believe in the Cuban judicial system. From the moment they take me to jail, my sentence will be written down and it doesn’t matter what I say. Of course, I don’t want to go to jail, I don’t know if I can be useful within it. Cuba needs people who work in freedom, not just martyrs or symbols. I don’t believe in that morbid that to change things, terrible things have to happen. “

García defines himself as a artist who is involved in social and political activismBut he does not consider himself a politician because he has limits. “Although they say that there is no dialogue with dictatorships, I I believe in dialogue as a political solution and I am anti embargo. I cannot morally allow sanctions that starve my family. Even if I stay alone, I will defend my ideas and principles, “he concludes.

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