YouTube shorts reach 30 billion daily views

platform Youtube released some time ago a new short video format, very similar to the one in tiktok, to try to relaunch and overcome this social network. They are called Shorts and were launched two years ago in the United States.

The shorts from YouTube, for those who do not know them, they are short videos of about 60 seconds in vertical format and whose instantaneous consumption is what generates that addiction in consumers.

YouTube now allows you to edit videos once uploaded.

After all this time they have managed to achieve their goal and have overtaken TikTok after reaching 1.5 billion monthly users and all thanks to this format of short videos dedicated mainly to a younger audience.

After many of its main youtubers leave this platform and go to Twitterthey had to manage not to lose users and with the arrival of the Shorts, they have managed to reach 30,000 million daily visits, as reported by Google.

There are numerous plugins and traits to tailor your avatar to what you're looking for.

The main key to the success of this format is immediate consumption and content that is designed to be addictive thanks in part to the algorithm. In short, use all the tools that have led to the success of TikTok.

The content creators of this type of videos derive much of their income from funds although they have already announced that they will start showing advertising to increase profits.

They are still in the development phase.

For a content creator to receive more income, right now what What is needed is that the Short is more popular although this could change as YouTube would have announced although does not rule out continuing to use the fund.

The launch of these short videos was during the pandemic, one of the keys to its rapid growth. But the truth is that YouTube was not the only one that wanted to compete with TikTok thanks to these videos, but Instagram also joined this fight by adding the Reels.

The feature will be a new opportunity for content creators.

This war between giants seems to be that it will not end, since The main objective of these platforms is for users to spend as much time possible in them because the more visits they receive, the more benefits they obtain.

With all this situation, the main affected, TikTokhas not stood still, but after the success of short videos on YouTube, It began to allow videos of up to 10 minutes, since in its beginnings they barely lasted 15 seconds.

TikTok could include video games in the application.

Therefore, on the one hand, platforms like Instagram or Youtube they want to bet on this much more immediate video format and TikTok is doing the opposite and adding more minutes to content.

So for now we will have to wait to find out. which of the two strategies is the one that ends up generating more income in the market of these technological giants.

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