Young people from Camagüey remember medical students shot 150 years ago (+ Photos)


Camagüey, Nov 27 (ACN) Hundreds of young people from Camagüey, together with professionals and Public Health workers, marched today on the national day to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the execution of the eight medical students in Spain.

The parade started from the Ana Betancourt de Mora Maternal Hospital to the Carlos J. Finlay University of Medical Sciences, along a section of the central highway that crosses this city, and the participants carried flags, posters and raised their voices through slogans and initiatives with which they ratify the union’s unity and support for the Homeland at this time.


Later, students and professors participated in the academic institution in the central act for the date, where Roberto Carrazana Carballo, president of the University Student Federation (FEU) in that campus, stated that the vile murder of those innocent boys still hurts, a fact that was erected as a banner of the youth to demonstrate against interference and fight for the sovereignty of Cuba.


150 years after the aforementioned crime, said the young man, this event transcends as one of the strongest symbols of the nation, of the emancipatory spirit of the university student body, in which context they also remember those who have left their mark throughout the deeds libertarians.

Today’s new generation continues forward, full of the permanent spirit of optimism of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro who still accompanies us and points the way with unity as an essential premise, he said.


Dayana Cobas Rodríguez, a third-year medical student and a member of dance and theater groups at the University of Camaguey, told the Cuban News Agency that it is a source of pride to pay tribute through performances and other cultural initiatives to those young people. who at the time offered their lives for the Homeland.


We are left, from the events where innocent young people were unjustly shot, the will to continue preparing to become doctors or the health personnel that the country needs, said Alejandro Olivera Torres, who is studying the same specialty.

Along with the educational activities, he commented, we participate in the confrontation with COVID-19, through investigations, the vaccination campaign, the Ismaelillo clinical trial and in red areas in isolation centers as facilitators, which are ways to pay tribute and put into practice the profession that they took from the eight medical students shot 150 years ago.


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