You will not see it cheaper, Conga robot vacuum cleaner for € 134

If you are thinking of buying a robot vacuum cleaner but do not have a lot of budget, you may be considering buying a model from a little or no known manufacturer. In that case, the normal thing is that in the end the cheap thing turns out expensive and it does not offer us the benefits that we expected. However, it is now possible to buy a complete Conga robot vacuum for very little money. This is thanks to the offer that we currently find on Amazon for the Conga 1090 Connected, which has been lowered almost to half its price.

The truth is that it is a model that has a fairly affordable price, since its recommended sale price is 249 euros. Now, thanks to the early Black Friday deals, right now we can find a lot of heavily discounted products.

Discount for the Conga 1090 Connected robot vacuum

Among them, we find this Conga 1090 Connected robot vacuum cleaner, which in this case has a incredible 46% discount. This means that we can save almost 115 euros on your purchase if we take advantage while the offer lasts. Therefore, the final price to pay for this robot vacuum cleaner is so only 134.90 euros.

conga 1090 connected robot vacuum cleaner

As if that were not enough, Amazon allows you to defer your payment and make it in four installments of 33.72 euros without interest. This offer includes the free shipping and returns and a delivery time of three business days, except for Amazon Prime customers who can benefit from a delivery in two days.

Sweep, vacuum, mop, mop and with Alexa

It is a 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner, that is, it is capable of sweep, vacuum, mop and mop. In the scrubbing function, there are up to three different levels depending on the type of surface, while for the rest, it is possible to choose between six different cleaning modes. It is a robot that allows you to schedule all cleaning, indicating the time we want it to automatically start cleaning each day of the week.

Has the technology itech Smart 2.0 that allows you to perform smart navigation, so you make a tour as efficient as possible. In addition, it is also a model capable of detecting a low level of autonomy to return to the base and resume cleaning when it has been charged. The autonomy of this Conga 1090 Connected robot vacuum cleaner is about 160 minutes.

conga 1090 connected vacuum cleaner on offer

It is a model with WiFi connectivity that has a turbo mode for more thorough cleaning of carpets and that also has the famous bestfriend system that adds a special silicone brush and that makes it an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for those who they have a pet.

Nor can we forget to mention that it is a model compatible with Alexa and Google Home, and that it also has its own app so that we can control it from the mobile. That is, we will be able to remotely clean the robot from the smartphone, choose the cleaning mode, send it to the charging base or schedule cleaning times for each day of the week.

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