“You must have 2 children and you only have 1”


Reproductive Medicine professionals have warned that the generational replacement rate is a “very worrying” social reality and the situation “is getting dramatically worse” because to maintain the rate, 2.2 children should be had per partner and currently the figure it is in 1.2 children.

In addition, they have insisted that any measure taken “would not have the least impact for another 50 years.” This topic has been addressed in the presentation of the work ‘The essentials in Reproductive Medicine’, a clinical guide that, coordinated by doctors Isidoro Bruna, medical director of HM Fertility Center, and Buenaventura Coroleu Lletget, consultant of the Medicine Service of the Reproduction, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction of the University H. Quiron Dexeus, defines “in a simple, functional way and supported by evidence-based medicine, the current state of scientific knowledge in reproductive medicine.”

In this sense, professionals have pointed out that the average age of Spanish women who give birth to their first child is at
32.6 years and today there are more mothers over 40 than under 25, “something that goes against female physiology.”

“More and more children than we see on the street are the fruit of assisted reproduction, almost ten percent, and the average age of women who attend Spanish centers is 38 years. Today assisted reproduction is a social necessity “, has recognized the doctor Bruna.

For experts, oocyte vitrification is the best preventive measure against age-related infertility and the number of young women vitrifying their oocytes is growing significantly.

The guide, which has the collaboration of Ferring, addresses nine epigraphs and 33 co-authors from all over Spain have participated in it. “The chosen authors are of the first level and enjoy a great clinical experience and scientific prestige, which guarantees the quality of the book, being a very good tool both for professionals who already work in reproductive medicine, as well as for doctors who they are training in the specialty, “said Dr. Coroleu.

For his part, the CEO of Ferring Spain, Carlos Aguilera, has asserted that the company is proud that the guide has become a reference manual. “Having supported this project since its inception confirms our commitment to continuing education as a basis for the excellence of our professionals and the worldwide recognition of experts in the specialty of reproductive medicine in our country”, he added.

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