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Said publication came after a long period of inactivity, since the Power had not posted anything on Instagram since March 21, 2021. In it, the Cuban can be seen posing next to a woman, who seems to be his stylist, and showing his manicured hands with the nails of the little fingers of each hand painted in a dark tone. In the caption you can read: “Delighted with the work of my stylist”

There are several interpretations that could be given to this unexpected post, one of them would be that he is promoting his stylist’s business or simply Yoenis was happy with his arrangement and wanted to share it with the public.

In this unexpected way, the Power broke his contract, which went from being a superstar in the league to going almost unnoticed, beyond the fact that it has been rumored on several occasions that he would be preparing for a possible return to the best baseball in the world. but nothing close to being done.

In a total of eight years, Céspedes earned more than $130 million dollars, a figure that could have been even higher if he had completed his contract with the Mets and had not left the competition so abruptly.

Injury problems and extra sports situations like that of the year 2020 ended up cutting short what had been a magnificent career. In 834 games, the Cuban slugger accumulated 870 hits, 173 doubles, 24 triples, 165 homers, 475 runs scored, 528 RBIs, 43 stolen bases and a .273/.327/.497 offensive line with an .824 OPS.

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