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It is almost noon and from Central Park it seems that the sun will not rise. It dominates the gray and the puddles on the asphalt inevitably refer to nostalgia. But this rainy Sunday is not just anyone; the tents emerge from the ground as a tribute to Martí, who looks at them head-on.

The color that is lacking in the day is given by the red scarves on their necks, on their hands, on their bags. There was little left for 48 hours of a sit-in with which women and men, most of them in their youth, wanted to bare the dirty war against Cuba and speak, sing, act on the paths for more socialism, for more Revolution.

The initiative, popular and diverse in its call and acceptance, invited this November 14 to a concert by the troubadour Tony Ávila. The persistent drizzle forced to seek refuge in the portals of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso.

Until there, when the songs were already being chanted, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, the President of the Republic, the Cuban Miguel Díaz-Canel, arrived and sat on the floor, next to those girls and boys to whom they were united. the same simplicity of the people and the same feeling of anger at the poorly done and of love for the Island and the wonderful reality that inhabits it.

Díaz-Canel, after the concert ended, said a few words of support and encouragement for Los pañuelos rojas, and in the air the gratitude that a leader always leaves when he is sincere, when he knows himself a servant, part of the people, his equal remained .

The exaltation after the departure of the President did not prevent the work Pilgrim, from Teatro Adentro, will squeeze your breasts with the emotion that good art provokes, that which by nature is revolutionary.

The sky was still a dark and shapeless mass, when after the applause, the flags and the photos, it was time to pick up the camp, to say goodbye to Martí. The sit-in was coming to an end, but they didn’t stop talking about Cuba, the immortelle. This Sunday in Central Park the sun did not come out, but it did.

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