Yanet García seduces her fans by showing her shapely silhouette with scant fringed lingerie

Yanet García.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

If it is about attracting attention with daring photographs, Yanet Garcia has shown that she is an expert in the field, since recently she has managed to captivate her social media fans again with daring images that have left very little to the imagination.

In one of her most recent photographs published within her official Instagram profile, the former host of the weather section of the ‘Hoy’ program captured all eyes by modeling a lightweight lace lingerie set in black.

Posing with her back to the camera and with a tiny set of black underwear with fringesThe actress also managed to cause a furor among her fans, who fell in love with the beauty of her curves, rating the publication with more than 350 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

In addition, he added one more postcard to his red-hot collection, in which he appears walking with the same outfit that caught the attention of his admirers.

The same garments were modeled days before, when he shared behind the scenes of a photo shoot he did for his page of OnlyFans from Yucatán, Mexico, where she looked like only she knows how to do it before the camera.

Also, the sizzling series of posts ended in front of the pool, where he once again captivated with a spectacular recording in which he once again showed off his back to the camera.

However, one of the publications that has become a favorite of those who visit her in virtual communities was shared a few days ago, in which she completely defied censorship, since it showed that she forgot her tiny clothes to show yourself naked while immersing yourself in the crystal clear water, revealing its sculptural silhouette and of course provoking all kinds of reactions.

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