Yanet García Returns to the Stuffed Animal and Together Disheveled Encourages Everyone

Making her own way to show more of her charm, the Mexican model Yanet García, freely boasts her fantastic outfit and everything was recorded on video

Yanet García demonstrates once again her joviality and that beauty that she loves to overflow from her interiors, she returns to the teddy and encourages everyone by wearing a disheveled outfit with which she captures the glances of locals and strangers in seconds. 

And it is that the famous Mexican model has been in charge of showing off with ease and without a single hint of shame her excess of beauty, because with that ‘boom boom’ that she has worked so hard is that she has become known everywhere as the ‘ Weather Girl ‘, provoking intense reactions. 

It was through his official Instagram account that Yanet García shared a striking video in which he returns to the teddy bear and altogether disheveled does his thing by showing more of his charm, causing more and more people to become his fans with that fantastic content. 

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So the 30-year-old young model decided to model in front of the camera lens with a daring white furry look in which a disheveled set of lingerie in the form of band-aids, they heat up in seconds by revealing much more than usual. 


This is how in a matter of just a couple of hours, the original model from Santiago, Nuevo León, ends up taking more than 344 thousand reproductions because her loyal fans have been in charge of filling her with compliments and compliments as they are always very concerned about her appearance… 

García is one of the women in the entertainment world who has known how to take advantage of her popularity in social networks since she began to generate content on the subscription platform, there is a lifestyle that before could not be paid for, like the department in the who lives in New York. 

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