Yahir on the addictions of his son Tristán, El Siglo de Torreón

Yahir’s son, Tristan, 22, has suffered from a strong addiction to drugs for several years, which is why their father-son relationship has distanced them. The controversy surrounding Tristán was sparked after he revealed that he is bisexual, something that Yahir accepts, but he does not like the way he exposes himself when he wants to dedicate himself to creating explicit content for adults, even videos of the son have been leaked on the internet of the interpreter of “La Locura” having intimacy. Given this, the former academic has expressed his disapproval of the lifestyle of his first-born.

Recently, the singer spoke with the magazine program Ventaneando, where he revealed how he feels about it.

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“I have no words to express my pain with all this, really,” he said.

“I am, logically, sad with a son with an addiction disease that has relapsed after a long time; after struggling, a long, long time with all this addiction,” he said.

“A son who is in trouble again and does not want to know anything about anyone. He wants us to accept him like this, with everything and his addiction. And the truth is, I cannot have a son with addiction with me. My son needs to be clean with me because he is one person when he is not on drugs and another when he is using. “

The singer pointed out that the last time he spoke with him was when he told him to accept him with “all this”, something that Yahir did not accept.

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“I taught him values ​​and other things; this is not a world that I taught him, not drugs, not this. I taught love to family, to be united. I come from a family where everyone is very, very united, and we continue to be and he does not want to be part of that world, “he concluded.

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