Xiomara Castro leads the first results of the elections in Honduras – Prensa Libre

In second position is the official Nasry Asfura, according to preliminary results released by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

More than three hours after the closing of the voting centers and counting 16.01 percent of the minutes, Castro, wife of the deposed former Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, achieved 53.44 percent, while Asfura, of the ruling National Party, obtained a 34.01, indicated the CNE advisers on the national channel. In third place is the candidate of the Liberal Party, Yani Rosenthal, with 9.23 percent.

“No candidate or candidate can be declared the winner until the last act is processed,” said the president of the CNE, Kelvin Aguirre, at a press conference, despite the fact that fireworks were heard in Tegucigalpa.

“When the minutes enter the capital, it will be shown that the National Party with ‘Tito’ Asfura has once again won the electoral process. Count vote by vote and the National Party is going to win the elections ”, the leader and candidate for deputy of the group, Jorge Zelaya, commented at a rally.

The results will be published progressively. If the trend is confirmed, Castro, wife of the ousted president Manuel Zelaya (2009), would become the first woman to govern Honduras.

The winner will replace President Juan Orlando Hernández, of the PN, who ruled for two consecutive terms and ends his term amidst reports of drug trafficking from the United States.

Hondurans voted this Sunday, November 28, amid fears of violence and calls for calm from the two main candidates, in an election to succeed the right-wing Juan Orlando Hernández, who is finishing his term as indicated by drug trafficking in the United States.

Fears of fraud, something that the opposition denounced in previous elections in 2017, and the death of at least 31 people linked to the elections during this campaign fueled tensions.

They ask for patience

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (EOM-OAS) in the Honduran elections and the United Nations called this Sunday for “calm” and to wait “patiently” for the results of the general elections held this day in the country.

In a statement, the OAS delegation, headed by former Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís, called on the electoral authorities to “conduct themselves with consistency, unity and transparency.”

He asked the candidates and political actors to have “a responsible attitude” and avoid “advance proclamations and pronouncements.”

The Mission of the hemispheric organization asked Hondurans to wait “patiently” for the official results of the general elections to be released by the CNE.

The electoral process took place in a “proper and peaceful” manner, said the MOE, and highlighted the “democratic attitude” of the Honduran people, who participated in a massive way in the voting.

“It is now up to the authorities and political actors to conduct this phase of the process with legality and democratic maturity,” added the delegation of OAS observers.

The resident coordinator of the United Nations in Honduras, Alice Shackelford, urged political actors to “remain calm” and wait for the official results of the elections.

“The United Nations System in Honduras congratulates the Honduran people on Election Day. It exhorts political actors to remain calm and, respecting current provisions, await the official results of the National Electoral Council, ”Shackelford said in a message on Twitter.

The electoral centers of the elections in Honduras, where there is no second round and the candidate with the most votes wins, closed at 5:00 p.m. local time (23:00 GMT).

More than 5 million Hondurans were summoned to the polls today, to elect a president, three vice presidents of the Republic, 128 deputies to Parliament, 20 to the Central American and 298 municipal corporations.

Today’s elections were the eleventh in a row since 1980, when the Central American country returned to constitutional order.

The elections in Honduras were supervised by the OAS, the European Union (EU), the European Parliament and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (Uniore), among other organizations.

For its part, the private sector of Honduras asked the political parties this Sunday to be “patient”, not to proclaim themselves winners and wait for the CNE to begin counting the votes in the general elections.

“We call on all political parties to be patient, not to declare themselves winners in advance and wait for the CNE to count the votes,” said the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep) in a statement.

14 political parties and twelve presidential candidates participated in the general elections, of which, according to opinion polls, only Xiomara Castro, from Libertad y Refundación (Libre); Nasry Asfura, from Nacional, in power, and Yani Rosenthal, from Liberal, in third place, have a chance of winning.

Activists from the Free and National parties named their presidential candidates as winners hours before the end of the voting.

The private company asked the electoral body that the preliminary results of the elections be disclosed by the three CNE councilors as a “sample of the transparency and shared oversight” carried out during the elections.

“As a private sector we are ready to work with the candidate that the Honduran people choose today, businessmen are going to contribute to solving the greatest challenge that Hondurans have: unemployment,” said Cohep.

The businessmen congratulated the Honduran people for exercising their right to vote in a “peaceful and civilized manner”, which means “a clear example of the maturity of our democracy.”

The private sector thanked “the effort and work” of the members of the Vote Receiving Boards and technical delegates who are doing an “extraordinary job.”

It also recognizes the work of international and national electoral observers, who have been “attentive to transparency and monitoring” in the electoral process.

Cohep urged the media businessmen to “wait” for the official results of the CNE and “not to put the safety of the Honduran family at risk due to the scoop or advance information on the electoral results.”

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