Wtkovice beat Munich in the Champions League, Tinec lost to Rappersville

Steele took the lead in the 8th minute when Kundrtek scored his comeback in Taine with a successful individual game and opened the scoring. In a fast counter-kick, Albrecht equalized moments later from close range after a strike from Czech Tonka Hayk.

Pnik, led by Pnik, was waving an Eskimo ampion in the water in the middle of the strip, his useless pass from the opponent’s head and the swell went into the goal under pressure from Vrna. In 62 seconds, the Polish summer transfer appeared quite unexpectedly.

The Steelers conceded at the end of the team’s one-minute-weakened goal against Blue River Schroeder’s five-sticker. However, in 23 seconds, Dao lost a defensive puck, and the champion, out of the blue, applied the new League rule – if the game turns into a weakened one, the player is out.

Hudek made the score 5:2 in the 42nd minute, but yesterday’s team was saved by a two-minute pessimistic game. The new fee is that the penalty will continue if the team d gl: and ten seconds later, Moy was dreaming even after the help of Crimzon, and Dnner took advantage of the opportunity of two. In the 55th minute, Vuardu equalized after a penalty, while Grossniklaus ended the game with a millimeter stell. Hudek Bleckov answered, but Schroeder decided in overtime at the two-on-one break.

After the war, whatever it may be, we cannot be satisfied with this point of view. Lack of discipline cost us the game, – said Vladimir Orshg, assistant coach to Tina. We should have fun, this is the first match under the new rules, and we’ll see how quickly the situation changes. On the other hand, it had a lot of good things in it. We picked up the pace thanks to a very high quality team that skated a lot. However, with the rest of the exceptions, we lost the pass, which we controlled with a score of 5: 2, he added.

In Ostrava, the spectators were waiting for a goal until the second half of the game, in a balanced first half, none of the teams used a water pebble. At 20:34, Lakato opened the scoring, only to find success after the ejected Kastner returned to the ice. Exit in the second half in the 22nd minute marked Percy.

the reigning German champion had a dream in the 30th minute when Kastner beat Klimé. However, at 39:14, Vtkovic scored two goals thanks to a quick Dej in the back. In the 70th house, the jump was lost in a weakened state. First, Parks dreamed, and then Ortega won the tee tee.

Hockey player Vtkovic is pleased with the results. Peter Gevize is in the center.

The two players played different times. Lacato and DeSouza scored from the start, but goals from Klimé and Niederberger dominated. The penalty drama ended in the 15th series, when Percy scored a goal against the home team, and Smith did not miss.

I think we were giggling for the first ten minutes. Supe was good, played the puck, won fights. Then the situation began to level off, coach Milo Hola said on the club’s website.

In the second half, we helped each other with a power play, which I think will be decisive in these matches, because they last for two whole minutes. When we were 3-1 up until the third period, we made the first mistake of the week when we put Supi in a pesilia where he scored a goal. Five of them were ruled out on the brink, two fouls in one moment, and such strong competition can punish that,” said Hola. In the entrances of his team was only one.

Hockey League Champion

1 round 09.01.2023 17:00

07:57 Kundrtek (J. Jebek, Haas)
25:40 Pnik (Kundrtek, Voenlek)
26:42 Polek (Grehork, Milo Roman)
37:59 M. Dao
41:05 L. Hudek (M. Dao, A. Nestrail)
57:58 L.Khudek (A.Nestrail, J.Jebek)

11:46 Albrecht (Aika, Ebischer)
37:36 Schroeder
43:12 My (Noro, crimson)
44:34 Dner (Schroeder, Vetter)
54:18 Wuardu (purple, Noro)
57:18 Grossniklaus (Rusk)
61:10 Schroeder (Noro)

Mazanets (Vanara) Polek, A. Smith, Kundrtek, J. Jebek, M. Admek, Nedomlel, Havrnek Voenlek, P. Vrna (C, TS), Pnik M. Dao, L. Hudek, A. Nestrail (A) Haas , Milo Roman, Grehork Dravek (A), acho, Kurovsk Vaga.

Niffeler (Meyer), Noro (A), Gerber, Ebischer, Grossniklaus, Baragano, Meyer, Vuardu Sanger, Schroeder, Erwenka (C, TS) My, Rusk, Vetter Vik, Dner (A), Forrer Aika, Albrecht, Lammer Taibel .

Solution: A. Jebek, Ondrek Rampr, Lederer

Wild Poet: 3406

Hockey League Champion

1st round 09.01.2023 18:30

20:34 Lakato (Bukarts, Percy)
21:23 Percy (Bukarts, Krieger)
39:14 Give (Lakato, Klime)

29:41 Kastner (Street, McKiernan)
49:46 Parkes (Hager, Eder)
52:36 Ortega (Desus, Bloom)

Klime (Machovsk) Raskob, Percy, Miku (A), Grman, Gevize, Kov, Zelek Bukarts, Krieger, Friedrich J. Ka, Member, Lakato (C) Dej (A), Clairaut, Calus Kreisa, Pibil, Peck Glacier

Niederberger (Allavena) Almqvist, Blum, McWilliam, McKiernan, Abeltshauser (A), Bittner, Weber Kastner, Hager (C), Desuza Vareichka, Eder, Oswald Kremmer, Smith (A), Ortega Aizenschmied, Street, Parkes Heigl

Solution: A. Kika, D. Prak, J. Ondrek, J. pr.

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