Would Cardano be a good investment in 2023?

Important points:

  • Cardano investors expect initiatives in the development of the network to positively influence the price of the asset in the future.
  • Cardano’s reputation stems from its smart contracts feature with a focus on security and decentralization.
  • The PricePredictions algorithm indicates that Cardano could enter a consolidation phase in 2023.

Cardano (ADA) investors hope that the network development initiatives positively influence the price of the asset in the future.

In particular, Cardano has had constant development updates over the course of the 2022 bear market, with metrics like smart contracts reaching new milestones. The asset has been affected by the cryptocurrency market crash, with incidents such as the FTX collapse and macroeconomic factors taking center stage.

ADA has lost important supports throughout 2022with the asset trading at time of writing at $0.26, a loss of around 82% from the yearly high of $1.50.

After registering a daily rise of approximately 1.7%, ADA investors hope that the asset has bottomed out to lay the foundation for a new rebound for 2023.

network developments they remain the key drivers for ADA. The development has made Cardano stand out as a potential “Ethereum killer” while dwarfing other cryptocurrency platforms.

Cardano’s reputation stems from its growing function of smart contracts with a focus on security and decentralization supported by formal methods and peer review.

Experts had pointed out that the robust activity of the network could put the token at a price of 8 dollars in 2025. Therefore, for the asset to reach such levels, 2023 could be crucial to help build the foundation.

However, ADA’s outlook will depend on market momentum, with a focus on how markets develop. macroeconomic factors. Any regulation targeting the cryptocurrency sector will have an impact on the value of ADA in 2023 and subsequent years.

Meanwhile, as reported by Bitfinazas, the PricePredictions machine learning algorithm forecast indicates that Cardano could enter a 2023 consolidation phase. The forecast indicates that ADA could trade at $0.24 on January 1, 2023.

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