Worst ketchup for health according to 60 million consumers

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In the kitchen and at the table so many sauces! And for every type of dish, seasoning and pairing, we’re spoiled for choice! Some of them are very similar in their base, but differ in aroma and taste in one small ingredient that sets them apart. In this article, Photo reports reveals rating 60 million consumers as for the worst ketchups.

What ketchups should be avoided?

In its November issue 60 million consumers recalled then that after the conclusion, “It is hardly possible to imagine a kebab without the sauce of the same name… Pierrad without an assortment of diverse and varied seasonings… A seafood dish without mayonnaise… Not a hamburger without the classic ketchup.”.

Really, the French are consuming more and more cold saucesand in amounts that often exceed medically recommended thresholds for salt, sugar, or fat.

So, 60 million consumers therefore rated 54 sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauces and barbecue sauces) sold under leading market brands and private labels.

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Regarding Ketchups, here are the conclusions of the investigators, than a magazine Health passport then relayed.

Analysis 60 million consumers :

All links in this analysis, both well-known and lesser-known brands, were tested based on the following parameters:

– Composition of ingredients (order of ingredients, percentage and especially additives present)
– Nutritional value (sugar, salt and fat content)

According to the consumer association, many of these sauces “Often too rich in fat, sugar or salt, and sometimes even all three at the same time! ». An alarming find!

Worst Brands Ranked

Leclerc brand with Rustica tomato ketchup. low sugar content, few tomatoes… But too much salt!

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– It’s from brand “Auchan”, as well as “Tomato ketchup brand” U “ contain few additives. But both of them contain too much salt.

Casino Brand Light Tomato Ketchup contains too much salt. Same result as Jardin Bio brand.

Top ketchup brands

Among the 15 ketchup brands that 60 million consumers tested… Quintesens ketchup from Naturalia received a rating of 16.5!

In second place is Carrefour tomato ketchup with 50% sugar. with a score of 16/20. And Heinz tomato ketchup contains less sugar and salt with a score of 16/20.

The best ketchup on the market is Quintesens sauce.. This is Naturalia’s incredible ketchup, which is top of the leaderboard! With acceptable levels of sugar and additives and an honorable level of salt!

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