World’s first GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card with five fans launched

Pretty big for now GeForce RTX 4090 We saw cards from different manufacturers. Now a Chinese manufacturer MaxSanbearer of five fans RTX 4090 Megagamer released the model. The purpose of these fans is to improve the cooling of the card. However, the fact that two of these fans are small is also a reminder of the noise issue.

RTX 4090 with 5 fans

MaxSun RTX 4090 MegaGamer includes five fans and a compact 3-slot cooling system with a high level of power saving. Interestingly, one of these small fans is known as the “Air Boost”. two are on the sides happening. More 10 cm AND 11 cm Fans effectively direct air to the large cooler, while smaller fans are used to remove heat.
A cooler with a heat dissipation surface area of ​​7000 mm² and a large vapor chamber was also used in the company’s RTX 4080 model. Another interesting feature of the map. has a removable USB-powered display be. This screen allows users to add any text or graphics they want. The MaxSun RTX 4090 MegaGamer is 2.4 percent higher than the base model. 2580 MHz’It comes with clock speed. There are no other changes on the map. In addition, MaxSun GPUs often in the Chinese domestic market It is already on sale, and this model will most likely only be available in China.

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