Women’s Tour de France, Jalabert addresses the fathers

Laurent Jalaber shared his thoughts on being able to see the (little) children of female Tour de France riders stay close to their mothers during the competition.

In some sports, mothers with young children are now able to take them to major competitions. This is the case, for example, with Amel Majri, who plays for the French women’s soccer team, since the player received permission from her coach to fly with her child to Australia for the 2023 World Championships. In judo, Clarissa Agbenena is also accompanied by her little Athena, born in June 2022.

The theme was also mentioned this Sunday, during the first leg of the Women’s Tour de France. In a comment to France TVs, Laurent Jalaber expressed his opinion live. ” Caring for a child after a stage seems difficult to me, because every minute, every hour counts for recovery. I would not say that cycling is a more difficult sport than judo, not at all, but … “And as a solution, the winner of the 1995 Tour of Spain didn’t go far, recommending to some that they help their soul mate.

“If there is a mother, there is a father behind”

While journalist Nicolas Guy suggested to him that fathers might perhaps take over, Laurent Jalaber abounded in that direction. ” Yes, of course, if there is a mother, there is a father behind. This time it and his role during these eight days (from Women’s Tour de France), in particular to be able to take care of the little one and manage everything that needs to be managed on the side while the competition for madam is going on. But it’s good that family life can be of course.

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