Woman breaks down in tears when denouncing Tottus: she bought a cell phone online, but received a stone

Consuelo Matienzoa resident of San Martin de Porres, denounced this Thursday that he was the victim of a scam after buying a cell phone through the web platform of the Tottus supermarket. In an interview with ATV News, He said that he acquired a team valued at 1,300 soles, but instead of the mobile they sent him a stone.

“On November 1, the delivery guys arrived and gave me the package, they didn’t ask me for my ID, they took a picture of me, they got into the truck and left. I went up to my room, opened the package and my surprise was that I found a stone. I started screaming because I am a nervous person,” she noted.

After noticing the error, the victim contacted the store. They promised to remedy the shipment on October 29, but so far there has been no response, she assured the morning in tears.

“They did not contact me despite the fact that on the same Saturday I made complaints through WhatsApp, the same on Monday. I have a record of all conversations. On November 1 they come to deliver the package and nobody calls me from Totus, just a lady two minutes before telling me to come to my door because she had my package and my bewilderment was that Tottus had not contacted me, not even to make a reschedule, “he added.

Consuelo Matienzo He also said that he looked for the courier. However, the company disclaimed responsibility and assured that they only picked up the package and took it to his house “just as it was delivered” by the supermarket.


“They told me that Tottus Hire Linio, and Linio hire them to deliver the equipment to me. It was all because of Tottus’ store. The driver tells me that on Saturday my package had already left for delivery, but that they reschedule it, which I never did because Tottus did not call me at all, “he concluded.

At the moment, the victim has raised her complaint at the Condevilla police station, in San Martin de Porres. “That day has been very horrible for me. It was incredible that buying from a recognized company they have done that to me. I simply went into a state of shock, I went to file my complaint. The Police told me that they were going to send it to the Prosecutor’s Office, they kept the box with the stone for the investigation of the case, ”she said.

Through a statement, Tottus announced that he has already contacted to Matienzo to deliver a new equipment. “We have made immediate contact to learn first-hand what happened and coordinate the delivery of a new team today,” said the supermarket.

He also stated that investigations will begin to clarify the facts and find those responsible. “We have launched an exhaustive investigation to clarify this isolated incident, in order to determine responsibilities and take the necessary measures,” he added.

REFERENCE FILE IMAGE.  Police guard the Plaza de Armas in front of the Government Palace in Lima, Peru, April 5, 2022. REUTERS/Angela Ponce
REFERENCE FILE IMAGE. Police guard the Plaza de Armas in front of the Government Palace in Lima, Peru, April 5, 2022. REUTERS/Angela Ponce

Faced with this increase in the economic movement in shops for New Year’s Eve parties, criminals devise different ways to commit criminal acts and seize the money and belongings of Peruvians.

Therefore, the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) alerted the public about the three new forms of fraud that criminals are using to deceive their victims. According to the portfolio, criminals call their victims posing as fake tax administration entity officials.

They also impersonate representatives of banking entities to offer tax exemptions and memberships of this financial product, or contact merchants or entrepreneurs, posing as a businessman who is going to buy merchandise.


New form of scam through taxi application
Mininter warns three new forms of fraud

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