Without Regret Livia Brito Shows off Her Curves and More in a Short Red Dress

Wearing a fitted garment over her statuesque silhouette, the beautiful Cuban actress, Livia Brito spoiled her fans by modeling in flirty poses that blew everyone’s imagination. 

At 35 years old, the beautiful Cuban actress, Livia Brito continues to cause a stir on social networks thanks to the attractive publications that she frequently uploads in the world of the web, with which she always pampers her fans by modeling in daring garments. of clothes and flirty poses as she did this time. 

For a couple of months, the famous television celebrity has given much to talk about among users due to her incredible participation in the telenovela “La Desalmada”, in which she played the main role of Fernanda Linares, a woman in search of revenge after her husband was murdered on her wedding night and abused. 

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Although the melodrama has already ended, Internet users are still talking about the love story between Rafael and Fernanda (José Ron and Livia Brito), in addition to asking the production team to give him nitro so that the second season comes out earlier than expected, because the end was unfinished and they want to know what the end will be for the villain of the soap opera. 

However, Livia mentioned in a recent interview that the producer does plan to record a second part of the story, but this could be released until the end of 2023, which caused discontent among the Mexican public. 

For her part, the protagonist of “Italian Girl Comes to Marry”, realizing all the attention she has gained thanks to the soap opera, has been seen more active on her social networks, especially on Instagram and Tik Tok, and was in the latter where it managed to become a trend. 

Through his personal account on the Chinese social network, Brito shared an attractive video that left his almost eleven million admirers speechless, as he had no problem showing off his curves in front of the camera lens when looking at a short red dress that exposed her shapely legs and much of her back. 

As expected, the publication captured the eyes of a large number of people and until today it has been able to reach 13 million views and a million reactions of likes in the shape of little red hearts thanks to its fervent followers. 

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