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Taylor Swift has shown an incredible job co-writing songs with his colleague and friend, Jack Antonoff. However, this time he surprised us by announcing that his recent album Midnights featured even more attention-grabbing collaborations.

A clear example is his song with King’s wool, Snow On The Beach, in which we can hear the voices of both American artists singing a subtle romantic melody. However, there is another famous face that is hidden behind one of the album’s biggest hits. Is about Lavender-Hazewhich Taylor Swift co-wrote with no one else and no one less than the great Zoe Kravitz.

Zoe Kravitz
Twitter: @taylorswift13

According to the interpreter anti-herothe song is born from a phrase he heard watching the series Mad Men. In USA of the 1950s, the expression «lavender haze» alluded to the feeling of being in love. Taking this, the singer-songwriter herself decided to turn it into a melody that talks about the desire to stay within that halo of love, ignoring all kinds of external comments that try to get in the way.

When taylor explained this meaning to the magazine ELLE, Zoe Kravitz She also opened up, explaining that writing songs is a big challenge for her. “Music is scary to me because it feels so much more personal, like it’s my diary,” she said. “With the internet, exposing yourself out there is scary. Acting makes you feel safe because you’re part of something with another group of people who are looking for the same goal.”

Who Zoe Kravitz, the actress who wrote Lavender Haze with Taylor Swift?

In case you don’t know her yet and you were wondering who she is, Zoe Kravitz is an American actress, singer and model born from the famous ex-partner of the 90s, Lenny Kravitz Y Lisa Bonet.

Zoë Kravitz (1)
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In recent years, this nepo baby has achieved fame through her roles in series such as High Fidelity Y Big Little Lies and movies like Divergent Y Batman.

Credits: Getty Images

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