With these three tips you can look just as amazing as Margot Robbie using the bob cut

australian actress margot robbie is in the center of the spotlight of social networks, so all eyes fall on her, it is because in the company of the actor Ryan Gosling they just finished the long-awaited barbie moviethe live action is critically acclaimed and can finally have it on the big screen.

Margot became known for the slap what did he give to Leonardo Dicaprioin ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, but who strengthened his acting career with the interpretation of the DC villain ‘Harley Quinn’ and now she will bring to life the most popular doll in the world.

The artist, with her own stamp in terms of style, it has been characterized by the long bob cutbut this season he cut his hair a little more and transformed it into a personal seal, then we will tell you three tricks of Margot Robbie to wear this haircut.

Products are your allies

the textures they can be a great touch when it comes to having the bob cut; collarbone-length hair makes him a sophisticated and versatile cut at the same time, therefore, the best trick is to carry in your wallet a styling mousseeither to leave the hair straight or to give it a texture of light waves with the fingers.

the bob cut has the characteristic of being a practical look, but with a lot of style, Margot Robbie has straight hair, so she does not hesitate to give it volume and life with a product that set ripples what can be done with your hands in front of the mirrorNo need for big hairstyles or a big team of stylists, she looks great with just this product.

coconut oil

The hairstyle of the moment can be even more flattering the features of the face is a very important factor when choosing the cut, Margot Roobie knows that the bob cut frame oval like no other and therefore, always finish combingyou have chosen to pick it up, leave it loose, straight or wavy.

But for strengthen the traitswith a few drops of coconut oil on the strands closest to the eyes, you can mold the ends inwards and will highlight the contour of the faceregardless of whether you wear it loose or collected.

for special moments

If you want the bob cut to be a classy hairstylefor some formal event, a red carpet or some important moment for youyou can do what the actress Margot Robbie does in those moments, put up the hair that a the two front locks sides back with an invisible rubber band, which looks like part of the mane. In this way, the actress makes sure that she does not come forward, she highlights her bangs and tidies her hair.

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