With Luis Díaz, Liverpool and Chelsea defined the FA Cup champion

Liverpool and Chelsea met again in a final after two months. After the duel disputed in the month of February that left champion to the networks From penalties, this Saturday May 14, both teams starred in another electrifying clash, this time for the FA Cup.

Klopp kept nothing to himself and decided to put his gala payroll to measure himself against those led by Tuchel, who were looking for revenge. The German coach at Anfield put all his trust in the lethal trident, which was led by Colombian Luis Díaz.

Luis Díaz is a starter for Liverpool against Chelsea in the FA Cup
Luis Díaz tries to shoot on goal in the final between Liverpool and Chelsea in the FA Cup – Photo: Getty Images

From the outset, there was an exciting game, which had options for both sides during the 90 minutes. The first clear goal option was born at the feet of Díaz, who after receiving a perfect ball from Arnold into the void found himself hand in hand with Mendy, who won the dispute with a great save.

The Anfield Road team owned the ball for a long stretch of the first half, even had more clear goal options that, unfortunately, did not materialize.

As the minutes passed, Chelsea grew in the game and settled on the pitch. Tuchel’s men began to arrive dangerously at Allison’s goal, which became a figure during the last minutes.

The first chance came after a lethal counterattack led by Pulisic, who ended up giving the ball to Marcos Alonso, a player who lost a one-on-one against the Brazilian goalkeeper.

Liverpool was lost for a few minutes and more because of the loss of one of its figures, Mohamed Salah, who had to leave in tears due to a muscle injury. This news already sets off the alarms in the Liverpool reds, ahead of the Champions League final with Real Madrid on May 28.

The Egyptian had to be substituted in the final against Chelsea due to injury.
The Egyptian had to be substituted in the final against Chelsea due to injury. – Photo: Getty Images

For the second half, Chelsea came out with a different face in the opening minutes. From the outset, the blue box disturbed the rival frame by crashing a ball into the horizontal. The person in charge of doing it was again Marcos Alonso, who after a side charge almost surprised Allison.

Díaz once again took center stage in the game by creating a new scoring chance. After a long run by the Portuguese, Diogo Jota, the Colombian received the ball that he controlled and shot low, leaving it very close to the vertical right of Mendy’s goal.

The Colombian appeared again to generate danger to the blue arch. About minute 68 he received a ball from Thiago Alcántara and then faced a rival and shot slightly over.

The options continued to arrive for Klopp’s men. Díaz and Robertson were in charge of shaking Chelsea’s goal, which was saved as the minutes went by. In the first instance, Díaz crashed a ball on Mendy’s left vertical after a shot inside the area.

Minutes later, after a great collective play that ended in the right sector, James Milner put a cross to the far post so that Robertson arrived alone; however, his shot crashed into sticks again, drowning out the goal cry.

The actions went into overtime, just as it was in the League Cup final. Tiredness lasted in Klopp’s team, who had to make variations on the attacking front in order not to lose momentum.

About the first minutes of extra time, the strategist decided to take out Díaz, after signs of fatigue, in a duel with the French Kanté. Lucho was applauded by the thousands of Liverpool fans who thronged to Wembley.

Finally, the champion was defined from the twelve steps, where Liverpool prevailed with a score of 6-5, after scoring the last charge through Tsimikas.

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