With a Rich Massage Yanet García on Video Wins His Fans Again

The Mexican model Yanet García, makes her fans fall in love again in a video that she herself recorded while with a rich massage she reaffirms sculpture

Yanet García seems to have the exact formula to capture the spotlight, so this time in the video he wins his fans again after showing off on social networks the rich massage he received to reaffirm his sculpture.

And it is that the 30-year-old model from Santiago, Nuevo León, has been in charge of delighting the pupil every time she has the opportunity by using outfits that are too tight for her, so she makes it more than clear why she is one of the Internet users’ favorites.

It was through her official Instagram account that Yanet García decided to share with her fervent admirers a rich video massage that she herself recorded in a ‘selfie’ mode and in a matter of seconds she regains everyone’s attention, because for that The activity required nothing more than a bandage garment and a white towel.

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So the alarms were quickly turned on in social networks, as he decided to place himself in a daring pose upside down and thus be able to have a position in which the massage helps to reaffirm all that he has and that continues to make friends and strangers fall in love.

It only took a couple of hours for the video of the famous Weather Girl to get more than three million views with more than 641 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts, which is the way in which The likes are given in the famous camera application.

This is how García takes advantage of when he is not exercising or promoting the Telethon because a ‘little help’ in addition to healthy food does not hurt to reaffirm.

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