Windows 11 adds a cool new feature to the Start menu: Image Preview.

Microsoft is surprising its users with new useful functionality in the Windows 11 Start menu. According to the latest data, the company plans to introduce image previews directly into the interface of the “Recommended” section of the Start menu. This novelty is designed to save time and make it easier to find and quickly access images.

direct preview in start menu

Until now, users had to use File Explorer to preview an image. However, with the release of the Windows 11 23H2 update, which is expected in the fall, it will be possible to preview the image by simply hovering over it in the Start menu. This simple and intuitive feature will make using the operating system more convenient.

Useful feature for all users

This new functionality should not be overlooked given the benefits it brings. In situations where users quickly search for an image and don’t remember its name, a direct preview in the start menu can be very helpful. Currently, when users hover over an image in the Start menu, only the path is shown to them. With the upcoming update, they will have a thumbnail image, which will make searching and identifying easier and faster.

Windows 11 Quality of Life Update

A major update to Windows 11, scheduled for the fall, aims to improve the user experience. In addition to image previews, this will also bring other improvements, such as the ability to split the app in two on the taskbar, for example with two icons for two open Chrome windows (Never merge). Also expected is Copilot, an AI assistant, as well as the inclusion of numerous third-party widgets. The ultimate goal is to save users time by avoiding unnecessary processing and providing all the necessary information in an accessible form.

Windows 11 – in continuous development

Two years after its release, Windows 11 continues to improve with useful features. Updates will be installed automatically as they become available, so users don’t have to worry about them.

Windows 11 adds a useful new feature to the Start menu – image previews. This feature will save users time and make it easier to quickly search for images without having to open File Explorer. The major Windows 11 update coming this fall also brings other improvements to improve the quality of life for users.

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