will pay $ 30 million to avoid going to trial

$ 30,000 to avoid going to court.

Apple is one of the largest technology firms in the world and with one of the largest fan communities – with pardon Xiaomi’s. Despite this, all that glitters is not gold and even Apple also has its problems and its unfriendly practices.

Because Apple has been faced with a significant lawsuit on more than one occasion. Apple recently had to compensate a woman after repair technicians published intimate photos of her phone and what to say about the war between Apple and Epic in court. But as we see below, the problems do not stop in the company of the bitten apple.

Apple will pay $ 30 million to avoid going to trial

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Apple only needs to remove the wallet to avoid legal problems.

As we read in 9to5mac, Apple will pay about $ 30 million to avoid going to court. The point is that many of its employees are forced to go through rigorous security checks when leaving their workplaces, even going so far as to check their pockets, suitcases and bags. All this outside of working hours.

Workers, who used to lose 45 minutes every day in this practice, they filed a lawsuit in 2013. Apple even went so far as to search their personal electronic devices. Apple claimed that this practice was nothing more than a security measure to prevent leaks or to prevent employees from stealing products. Apparently Tim Cook was unaware of this measure, he abolished it in 2015 and will now compensate the affected employees (more than 12,000) with 30 million dollars, which means that each one will receive about 1,200 dollars.

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The truth is that it is not the first time that Apple has faced a lawsuit. A few years ago a teenager sued the Cupertino people for facial recognition. All the security measures that Apple uses to prevent leaks are also known, something that many of its workers do not like.

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