Will he follow in the footsteps of Dakota Fanning or Macaulay Culkin?

The story of Yanfri Emmanuel Diaz is the result of a new way of consuming content: the publication of a video on the social network tik tok made him a celebrity. Audiences melted with tenderness upon seeing the boy’s good looks. Itsmine, collidedon the way to school.

From then on your videos on Facebook, Youtube Y tik tok They are among the most viewed. Apparently, his career has taken a leap: the publication of a commercial for the Chocolate Sol brand starring the child has opened a debate on the use of minors in advertising campaigns and in the entertainment world, in general.

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The cases of children in the entertainment industry are abundant. On the one hand, there are those who have established a career and are now renowned and famous actors or singers – examples of Michael Jackson, Pedrito Fernández (now Pedro) and Dakota Fanning they are a sample–, but there are also cases of those who fell by the wayside or who even regret their passage through the spotlight –Macaulay Culkin, Jennette mccurdy, Dustin Diamond are the other example. Child psychologists point out that work sessions on audiovisual or music recording projects are very extensive for a child.

Another factor that can negatively affect the minds of children is the handling of fame. Being recognized by many people, jumping from home in the center of attention they can affect children’s self-esteem, both to the point of tearing it to shreds or, conversely, raising it beyond normal.

This is one of the points that stirs the comments of Internet users and that only time can resolve in the case of Yanfri, the boy who walks like a man.

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