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Eugenio Derbez is one of the most acclaimed artists in Mexico, due to his extensive career as an actor and producer. The interpreter of Federico P. Luche has inherited the artistic vein to his four children: Aislinn, Vadhir, Jose Eduardo and Aitana, who have shown on more than one occasion to have a lot of talent and charisma.

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Jose Eduardo Derbez is the son that Eugenio had with the actress Victoria Ruffo, product of the romance that lasted almost five years, between 1992 and 1997. The eldest son of the protagonist of “Victoria” has also ventured into acting, participating in programs such as “Blind date”, “Love came” and “On a trip with the Derbez”.

The 29-year-old has generated a stir with a recent confession he made on a television show, where he recounted the time he was detained at an airport in USA.

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The Mexican actor confessed, during an interview, the uncomfortable moment he lived (Photo: José Eduardo Derbez / Instagram)
The Mexican actor confessed, during an interview, the uncomfortable moment he lived (Photo: José Eduardo Derbez / Instagram)


The son of Eugenio Derbez had received the call for a movie in USAThanks to the help of his father, he took a flight to Los Angeles, California, without imagining that when he arrived at the airport in that city, he would be arrested by the authorities.


According to the statements he provided Jose Eduardo to the program “SNSerious”, Migrations stopped him and the experience was not good.

“You already know that they are very cute there in the United States, very kind. Especially when you arrive and there is migration. Kind people ”, the artist said sarcastically.

Apparently, the authorities at the airport mistook him for another person, which is why he was held captive for several hours: “Two weyes arrive, they grab me, and they pass me to a small room … I sat down, and they had me sitting for three hours to the wey. And then they tell me ‘There was a mistake, you can go now.’

Fortunately, the event did not pass to greater and the actor was able to continue with his plans in the land of opportunities.


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José Eduardo assured that the surname Derbez, instead of opening all the doors, closed them at the beginning of his career.

At the beginning of my career, when I started, it was one casting after another or going to knock on doors, well, it happens, I think it happens to all of us, to those of us who dedicate ourselves to this, that no door is opened, and you keep giving it and giving it , and nothing to anywhere“, He counted in the same” Members on the air “.

You start to wonder if it’s really your thing or not, if you want to continue in this or not”, He reflected before sharing the conclusion he reached for so many slights.

When asked if being the son of Eugenio Derbez affected his aspirations, the also son of Victoria Ruffo He answered yes, that “I thought it was going to be a little easier and on the contrary, many doors were closed”.

One day I came home and I burst into tears, and I said, ‘This is not for me.’ In my drama I received a call from Televisa to start my soap opera and since then I have not stopped, thank God”, He added.


He is the son of Mexican actress Victoria Ruffo and Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez and brother of Vadhir Derbez, Aislinn Derbez and Aitana Derbez, on his father’s side. He is also the older brother of Anuar Fayad and Victoria Fayad, siblings on his mother’s side. He is the grandson of the actress Silvia Derbez and the nephew of the actress and host Gabriela Ruffo.

Her official appearance on Mexican television was on the successful children’s show TVO hosted by her aunt Gabriela Ruffo when she was just a couple of months old, as part of a production surprise for her aunt.

His television debut took place when he was little and he played a role in the program Derbez from time to time in the sketch “De con padre” as Aarón Abasolo.

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