Why Twitter workers recommend downloading your data and history

The last few hours have been key for Twitter. As we have told you all these months, Elon Musk has tried to buy the company not without asking the social network for certain things. It seems that after all the ups and downs of decisions, the South African businessman has taken over the company and has begun to make the first changes that not everyone liked. And it may be because of this Some Twitter workers may recommend downloading your data and history.

Twitter in the hands of Musk, a new chapter

As we were saying, Musk has already entered Twitter. The tycoon has not only appeared in the offices of what is now his microblogging platform (with a sink in his hands, by the way), he has also indicated it in his own profile and he has shared a photo in which he is seen talking to the workers.

But this is almost the least of it, since his entry has not been without controversy. This week the Washington Post reported that no less than 75% of the workforce was going to be laid off, a move that would leave it with only 2,000 workers. The truth is that the first dismissals have already been made effective, specifically four senior positions including the former CEO, Parag Agrawal, the financial director Ned Segal and the head of legal and political affairs Vijaya Gadde.

Curiously, there are three important operational management areas at the business, economic and legal levels, of which Musk could keep Agrawal’s position to assume his functions.

A new directive with new rules?

This is one of the things that often happens when the power of a company changes hands. The departure of several senior officials usually comes from the hand of changes in company policies and it may be that more than one in this situation wants to have all their data in a safe place.

The point is that from what Jason Goldman tells there are many workers of the firm who are downloading all their data. The reason is not entirely clear, but it seems to be to prevent any problems or keep the content safe from their accounts in case they leave it.

How to download your data and history from Twitter

You may be wondering if you as a regular Twitter user have to follow this recommendation to download your company data and history. But it is true that it is a good time since new rules and guidelines have not yet been issued, so we are going to remind you how to do it.

From the web version

  1. Click More on the main navigation menu to the left of your timeline.

  2. Select Settings and privacy.

  3. Follow Account in the Settings section.

  4. Click Your Twitter Data in the Data & Permissions section

  5. Go to View your Twitter data.

  6. Enter your password and Request your file

From iOS or Android

  1. Tap the Navigation Menu icon to access the main menu.

  2. Tap Settings and privacy.

  3. Select Account.

  4. Tap Your Twitter Data in the Data & Permissions section.

  5. Confirm your password, then tap Request your file.

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