Why serial killers fascinate us

Still, we can’t help but be drawn to these criminals. “There is an innate curiosity to understand the dark side of the human being”Laura explains. “Trying to discover how another person, with whom we can identify because it is another human being, can exceed limits that we feel are insurmountable, worries us on the one hand and motivates us to try to understand what processes are behind these behaviors.” But we are also fascinated by the figure of the serial killer “for the image that is projected as a calculating, cold, ruthless and more intelligent person than the rest and who, at the same time, follows a life and a routine that do not reflect that behind it there is such a perverse mind”, they tell us from TherapyChat.

How does true crime affect us?

How did it happen to the Youtuber Bailey Sarian, an overexposure to these contents can affect us more than it seems. These documentaries and series “can cause anxiety, stress, nightmares, intensify the feeling of fear, paranoia or block us from taking risks or decisions, explains Isabel Aranda, a psychologist at TherapyChat. And even in people with some sort of past trauma, “they can be a negative trigger for a memory or feeling.” Y the third great danger is normalization. “We see murder, torture and evil as usual and many times we lose the critical judgment to reject it,” explains Isabel.

So that this does not happen, the main thing is to maintain a correct attitude towards the contents of true crime. As Laura Palomares, from Avance Psiclogos, explains to us, “we must see them out of curiosity, understanding that it is normal for us to need to understand our environment in order to feel that we have some control over it, but without it becoming the only thing we see or consume obsessively.” “It must not be forgotten that, despite what you are seeing is a real and exceptional caseat no time is it showing the normality of the human mind or the most common way of acting”, they comment from TherapyChat.

But hey, what watch true crime also offers some advantage. “According to psychologist Amanda Vicary (2010), in her study published in Social Psychologycal and Personality Sciencelearning about crimes and murders not only makes us know how the mind of a murderer works, but also helps us to learn forms of prevention to avoid becoming victims”, they explain to us from TherapyChat. “Just as seeing these crimes can cause fear knowing that the mind can lead someone to carry out such perverse acts, it can also comfort and reduce fear by believing that we know how to act in the event that it happens to us and what are the signs of alarm to be aware of.”

It is best to evaluate our feelings when we are exposed to these contents. “This will make us understand how it is affecting us, what our levels of tolerance and rejection are, and will give us the opportunity to either continue watching the content because it is a hobby we enjoy, or to stop if we feel that it is affecting us on a personal level. more than I should.”

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