Why Mariana Rodríguez, wife of Samuel García, does not use filters in her photos

Since his arrival in Love Nuevo León, Mariana Rodriguez It has been a figure that has broken schemes. Although, the too influencers takes positive and negative comments from the nuevoleoneseas well as his followers on social networks, but he always gives something to talk about.

This time was no exception, Marianisas her followers call her, made it clear that she no longer uses filters in her instagram storiesmuch less in his photos.

It was through a virtual meeting with his followers where Governor Samuel Garcia’s wife gave a strong message of self esteem and acceptance.

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Mariana showed a photograph where she is shown natural and mentions that this is the reality.

“What an impression the change made by the filter, how sad that we are getting more and more used to using them.”

— Mariana Rodriguez

Rodríguez responded to some comments on Instagram and commented that he disabled the filters that are used, either to create more stylized effects, skin color, or more outlined faces without blemishes.

“I even disabled mine that I made (filters) because I don’t want to be part of this personal rejection that many people have of themselves,” he emphasized.

Mariana highlighted that network users get used to retouching their photos every day, in search of acceptance.

It is worth mentioning that there was a Mariana filter on Ig, currently they can be found by Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel, as well as other celebrities.

Mariana continues to share all the personal moments of her life, such as the progress of her pregnancy, currently 5 and a half months. Her daughter, who will be called Mariel, weighs 453 grams and measures 27 cm.

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