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If we investigate what the hegemonic digital media, subservient to the centers of world capitalist power, or the not so hegemonic, but with the same editorial line, are reporting on the Cuban reality, a matrix of opinion prevails: «a group of Cuban opponents it called for a spontaneous, peaceful demonstration, and the government escalates its repressive actions against them. Three key elements make up this matrix: a “simple opposition group”, a demonstration that is “peaceful” and a government that is “violent” and “repressive.”

However, we are facing a manipulation of our reality. First of all, it is not a simple group of opponents. According to the evidence that exists, they are people who work for a foreign government, in order to launch a coup agenda to change the political system.

Videos, audios, photos and the declarations of the organizers on their social networks show that they have received support and advice from terrorist groups in Miami, for example, the Cuban American Foundation, whose methods and intentions against the island are known worldwide. They have met with the military of the US Army. They have been trained and have had ties to CIA front organizations.

The call has been supported by sectors of a violent and interventionist right. Those who have doubts about the way in which this march would be functional to the interventionist pattern of the United States Government against Cuba, should only consult the statements of the Principal Adviser for Latin America of the United States President, Joe Biden, threatening our country with new sanctions if our authorities did not authorize this demonstration.

Seen this way, we are not then facing a peaceful march. It is a destabilizing action that seeks to create the right conditions for the reinstatement of capitalism and the intervention of the United States in our internal affairs. Thus, the Cuban Government is not acting against the law when it denies the convenors the right to demonstrate: it is acting within a framework of legality and protected by the Constitution, widely discussed and supported by the majority of Cubans.

It would be necessary to see, in the countries where these hegemonic digital media are located, what would be the reaction of the authorities if a group of people, working for a foreign government, started a coup agenda. Surplus videos that show the violence with which groups that demonstrate against the system are treated around the world, even in “democratic” European cities.

But it is not only in this regard that the reactionary media err when they address the Cuban reality. They are also ignoring events of great significance that are taking place in Cuba at this time. With its own vaccines, the country is advancing in an immunization scheme that will allow that guarantee in defense of the lives of all Cubans, including boys and girls.

This event, which some call being used by the Cuban government for political propaganda, is not rhetoric or slogan. They are doses that save real people and make a difference in terms of the position of biotechnological sovereignty that Cuba has achieved, despite being an economically underdeveloped country and being unjustly blocked. Only socialism can explain such a feat.

The media scandal that they have mounted regarding today, seeks to hide this reality, while inventing others. But the truth is that hundreds Thousands of girls and boys are returning to schools in an environment of peace and social security. These are the effective rights that would be swept away if we allowed calls like the one on November 15 to destabilize the country and put at risk the path of making our socialism better and better.

For this reason, our march will always be in defense of the sovereignty of our Homeland. A Homeland that continues to be free and safe. The November 15 march, regardless of what the international right-wing media says, has always been destined to be a failure, because it is not part of the strong tradition of justice and freedom of the Cuban people.

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