Why investing in the metaverse might be a good decision

An avatar of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
An avatar of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Last october 28 Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, announced that Facebook, a company that encompasses the other 2 social networks, will now be called Meta Platform. In the same announcement, he announced that Meta Platform would focus on the development of the Metaverse.

The metaverse or metauniverse is a concept that refers to the next generation of the internet. In a simple way, a metaverse is a digital universe, where developers want it to be as close to reality as possible. If in our physical world we can get work, grow, meet people, fall in love, study, travel, and more, in a digital world we can also. That is what metaverses seek to achieve as a goal, to be digital universes.

More and more companies, mainly those based on blockchain, decide to focus on the development of metaverses. Over time, metaverses went from being games to investments even more expensive than real ones.

One of the most important virtual worlds today is Descentraland Mana. In Descentraland, in June of this year, a virtual land was sold for more than 1.2 million MANA tokens, with a value today equivalent to $ 6.3 million. Although in June, when the purchase was made, the total value in dollars was equivalent to a little less than a million, the great price that digital real estate already has is also appreciated, Forbes noted.

Meta, the new Facebook brand
Meta, the new Facebook brand

Yanina Orrego, CEO of Capital Ediciones, told Infobae: “It is practically mandatory to investigate more about metaverses, and not only for investors or programmers, we should all do it. Studying today what a metaverse is, its functions, and other information, may be equivalent to studying Bitcoin in 2008. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed “, and added”There are blockchain-based metaverses worth billions of dollars. Mana for example has a market value of almost 6 billion, and last month it multiplied by 7 times the price of its cryptocurrency. Those who arrived late to crypto, and do not want to miss the next wave, then they have it in front of them and they can take advantage of it “

While the “new craze” is blockchain metaverses, they are not the first to appear and players have already shown incredible support for them. World of Wacraft (WOW), pFor example, it is one of the greatest metaverses and video games in history. It currently has almost 5 million active players, and has more than tripled it. Even so, being WOW one of the largest metaverses in history, its income is almost no comparison to others like Axie Infinity, the so-called “Bitcoin” of non-fungible token (NFT) video games. Axie closed the month of August with more than $ 1 billion in sales.

“This year many technologies are being developed that although they have existed for a long time, it is only in these months that there is a massive public that is capable of adopting them. They have been taking giant steps for the development of existing technologies, but not so massive ”.

To this is added the world of crypto, with projects such as Descentraland Mana, Squid Sociaty or Blocktopia. Everything that connects cryptocurrencies, with metaverses, which allows working and generating profits as happens with Play To Earn games. ” spending real money in virtual environments. Instead, in a metaverse, they could be generating income while having fun, and this is why I see very large future growth in the next 5 or 6 years. “


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