Why has Warner decided to cancel the long-awaited film of the superheroine?

Ixone Diaz

Filming finished in March., its directors, Adil El Arbi and Dilall Fallad, were already working on the post-production of the film and the premiere was scheduled before the end of the year. But this week, the newspaper new york post gave the exclusive: Warner had decided to cancel the premiere of ‘Batgirl’which will not be screened in theaters as planned, but neither will it be on the platform streaming HBOMax. The decision is paradoxical and the comparisons, absolutely odious. While Marvel clearly bets on superheroines with four projects led by female leadsthe DC universe, whose ‘WonderWoman’ was a resounding commercial success, takes a radical decision about the next superhero on your grill.

Actually, the clues were there. The studio had barely mentioned the movie for months. starring Leslie Grace and in which Michael Keaton he was going to return in the skin of Batman. Their absence at Comic-Con A few days ago confirmed the suspicions. The San Diego comic book fair, the most important in the world, is an obligatory showcase for this type of production. In that context, ‘Batgirl’ absence was unexplained.

According to him new york postwith a budget of 100 million dollars, the film would have already cost 70 million before finishing post-production and starting promotion. The problem, according to the New York newspaper, came when the tape was tested with audiencesa common process for large blockbusters of Hollywood that allows further fine-tuning in the post-production process. The The result of those tests was so poor that the study decided to cancel its premiere for preserve the prestige and future of the DC brand. “They think a terrible ‘Batgirl’ would be something the studio couldn’t recover from,” a source told the outlet. According to Varietybeyond the questionable quality of the tape, the decision could have an additional financial explanation linked to a fiscal strategy.

In any case, the news is disastrous for DCwhich in recent times has seen movies like ‘Suicide Squad’, starring Margot Robbie, crash at the box office, while neither Gal Gadot neither Patty Jenkins have explicitly confirmed if the third part of ‘Wonder Woman’ will materialize. All this while Marvel continues to reap one blockbuster after another. This year, the latest installment of ‘Spider-Man’ alone has grossed $1.9 billion worldwide.

We are sad and surprised by the news. We still can’t believe it”, explained the directors through their social networks. However, the main victim is its protagonist: Leslie Grace. After standing out in the musical ‘In the Heights’, ‘Batgirl’ was meant to be her ultimate shot at fame. “I am proud of the love, hard work and intent that all of our incredible cast and tireless crew put into this film over seven months in Scotland. I feel blessed to have worked amongst greats and forged lifelong relationships in the process.” To all the fans of ‘Batgirl’, THANK YOU for all the love that has allowed me to wear the cape and become, as Babs said better than me, ‘my own fucking hero!’ ‘Batgirl’ is already one of the most expensive canceled projects in Hollywood history.

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