Why do they call Argentina La Scaloneta?

(Spanish CNN) — The Argentine team arrives in Qatar as one of the favorites thanks to a long streak of games without losing and a team that was gaining in safety and quality of play. But also in their own identity.

“La Scaloneta”, as the team whose captain is Lionel Messi is popularly known, has become one of the teams with its own nickname, and in this case it is one in honor of its technical director, Lionel Scaloni.

But how did this particular nickname come about? It was during the Copa América, in which Argentina became champion after 28 years without winning titles, and it was also thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of thousands of people on social networks.

But there is something else that explains the choice of the fans and that has to do with a fashion not so distant in Argentine soccer for which the suffix “” is added.eta” next to the name of the coach for successful teams or those that win titles. Thus, the word contains the idea of ​​a vehicle to get on, referring to the support of its followers.

Messi thinks about his fifth and, perhaps, last World Cup 1:01

Although there is controversy among fans about which was the first team to be named in that way, some say it was “la Vitroleta”, with the River Plate reserve led by Jorge ‘Vitrola’ Ghiso; while others speak of “la Gallardeta”, for the period of Marcelo Gallardo in the same team.

Everything indicates that the furor for calling the Argentine National Team “la Scaloneta” began after beating Ecuador 3 goals against 0 in the quarterfinals of the Copa América 2021. The illusion resulting from that crucial victory on the way to the The consecration of the team triggered the creativity of millions of users who flooded social networks with memes and jokes of all kinds.

Currently, it is a widely accepted nickname in Argentina and also outside of it for one of the most exciting teams for the World Cup in Qatar.

Lionel Scaloni (Photo Telam)

Even technical director Lionel Scaloni accepts the nickname, although he admits that it makes him a little uncomfortable.

“Honestly, it makes me uncomfortable. But I can’t do much, just thank the people for their love for the team. If people like it, they have a good time with the team, that’s fine. But the truth is that it makes me uncomfortable,” said the coach at a press conference during the Qualifiers games.

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