Why could Cruz Azul play the Champion of Champions against Atlas?

The Machine could add one more Final to its list before the 2022 Opening starts.

Leon vs Cruz Azul in the Champion of Champions of the 2020-2021 season
© HALF JAMLeon vs Cruz Azul in the Champion of Champions of the 2020-2021 season

The confusion is over and without thinking or expecting it, Cruz Azul is a few days away from knowing if it is going to play one more Final in its history and that is that the Champion of Champions trophy could include them, but everything will depend on how the Liga MX Clausura 2022 Final between Atlas and Pachuca ends this Sunday. Said agreement was taken at the recent Owners’ Assembly.

Although La Maquina was Champion of the Closing 2021, a totally different season from the one currently being played, those of La Noria by agreement of the Clubs and the League (Assembly), they could play said Final, which is played a week before the Liga MX Opening 2022 begins, on July 1.

Why would Cruz Azul play the Champion of Champions?

The rules are clear although they can be modified, but they were not a few days ago, because some believed that if Atlas achieved the Bichampionship, logically they would have to be the champions of the Champion of Champions or it was also believed that there could be the possibility of playing it with Pachuca himself, that is, the Clausura 2022 runner-up, if that is how the next Final ends.

But no, it is not like that, and even the cement club would have been notified just yesterday that in the event that Atlas is the Clausura 2022 Champion, they would be the rivals to play said tournament, which is made in the United States. Those from La Noria would be the other finalist for the simple reason that they were the Champions of the last edition of the Champion of Champions.

By agreement of the Clubs and the League (Assembly), if there is a Two-time Champion in the 21-22 Season, the Champion of Champions will dispute said Two-time Champion against the defender of the “Champion of Champions” immediately preceding: in this case, Cruz Azul, who beat the Lion in July of last year in Los Angeles”, revealed the Liga MX to “Vamos Azul”.

So all the cement fans will be attentive to what happens this Thursday at the Jalisco Stadium and on Sunday at the Hidalgo Stadium, where the new champion or two-time champion of Azteca football will be known. The Final will start at 8:10 p.m.

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