Why can’t you update your Kindle?

In September of this year, Amazon’s Kindles underwent their first major interface redesign. It is common for Kindle e-book readers to receive software updates regularly, but the interface had not been updated since 2016. Currently, users who have an eleventh generation Kindle Paperwhite have the software update available and those who have a seventh to tenth generation Kindle will be able to update to version 5.14.1. It is very important that for the correct functioning of your Kindle you have it updated to the latest possible version. If you cannot update, these are some of the reasons that may prevent you.

Internet connection

To be able to access automatic software updates or to be able to synchronize our books correctly, the first thing we need is to have an Internet connection via WiFi of the Kindle. It is important that we make sure that no mode such as Flight Mode is activated on the device.

Other reasons why you may not be able to update your Kindle may be because you have not yet added a WiFi network so that the device can connect to the Internet. If you still don’t have a network configured, these are the steps you have to follow:

  • Turn on your Kindle e-book
  • Access the Menu button on the Home screen and select the Settings option
  • Enter the section of Wireless, WiFi or Bluetooth connections
  • Select the WiFi Networks option and enter the corresponding password to access
  • If the password is correct, your Kindle will already be connected to the network

Once you have the WiFi connection activated, your Kindle should receive regular updates without any problem. If for some reason you do not have an Internet connection in your e-book, you can also update it manually from the Amazon website by selecting the Kindle model to download the update.

Update software on Kindle

Your version is too old

Another reason why you may find it difficult to update your Kindle is because you have too old a version of the device and Amazon is no longer creating updates for that generation.

If your Kindle version is prior to versions 5.3.2,, 5.3.7, or, your best bet is to refer to the section on previous software versions of the 4th generation Kindle Touch for instructions on Amazon.


If you have jailbroken

The jailbreak is about a hack you can do to your Kindle to be able to add software without having to depend on approval from the device. If you jailbreak your Kindle, your device will be compatible with other eBook formats such as EPUB, you can install more non-Amazon eBook stores or use screensavers.

But, beware of carrying out these types of hacks. Performing this process you will lose all warranty of your Kindle and also the support provided by Amazon. Although it may seem that it has its advantages, it also has its negative consequences and may be one of the reasons why you cannot update your Kindle.

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