Who looks after Andrea Balan’s little girls while she’s away with Victor Cornea. Two in Austria

Andrea Bălan has recently started a relationship with professional tennis player Victor Cornea, and they often travel abroad where the athlete holds tournaments. While she is away with her boyfriend, Andrea leaves her little girls, which she has from her previous marriage to George Burcha, at home, where she has a reliable assistant.

Attacking fan questions, Andrea revealed on her Instagram account how she’s been doing as a mother since starting a relationship with Victor Cornea. The actress admitted that her mother Valeria helped her a lot with little girls Ella and Clara after her divorce from George Burcha.

“How do you share between little girls and married life?”asked Andrea Bălan one of her Instagram followers. The artist immediately replied: “Very good! My mother helps me, and they went on vacation.”

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Andrea accompanied Viktor on tour in Hamburg, Germany and now they are in Austria. The lovers enjoyed nature and moments of relaxation together. They also took some pictures that the artist posted on Instagram.

“With my emotional maturation and spiritual awakening, I began to love walking in nature, meditating and feeling the earth with my bare feet? This is how I recharge and am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.”— wrote the artist next to the photos posted on the network.

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Victor Cornea’s parents don’t like Andrea Balan

Andrea Balan has already met her boyfriend’s parents, but there were rumors that they did not agree with the famous singer.

“Viktor’s parents have already told him that they won’t mind, but they are completely unhappy. They weren’t hidden, they were very clear. They do not want Andrea because she is too open to the public, she also has children. They hoped that the boy would find a girl of his own age or younger, get to know each other well, and then marry. The whole family is upset, they don’t like that Victor is in the papers every day, they think that everything that happens, including this relationship, distracts them from his path.sources close to the couple told cancan.ro.

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The star wanted to clarify this situation and stated that she has a very good relationship with her partner’s parents and that she is very well received in their family.

“What I want to clarify! His parents accept me and love me very much. There was an article that his parents would not accept me. Not true! His parents accept me. I went to his house in Sibiu and we get on very well. They are extraordinary people.”— said the star Antena Stars.

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