Who is Klaus Johannis protecting?

One of the unwittingly honest phrases that Klaus Johannis said, but which he may not recognize later, is how the phrase sounds today. failed state through political campaigns.

After a long absence from the public space and after a chronic absence of representative messages, Klaus Iohannis made the right gesture, befitting not only the trappings of the presidency, but also the responsibility that goes with it: he descended into the city and suffered a series of negative events, all of which revealed the troubles of the state.

The May 2 deaths were blamed on the police; in the dramatic death of a mother from Botosani, the health care system showed its inefficiency; during the explosion in Crevedia, none of the institutional ties helped to protect the people.

Moreover, in all these cases, the state protected the aggressors/criminals, and did not provide the victims with minimal protection.

However, despite the correctness of this gesture, President Klaus Iohannis himself sabotaged, or rather, sabotaged the idea that the city needed to get out of the pressure of a chronic crisis that generates social anxiety.

This time institutions worked“, – said the president, comparing it with the “Collective”. He continued: “There is no need for resignations, a failed state is only part of the lexicon of some politicians in the election race.”

Now, when the president says this a few days after these chain tragedies, which are not accidents and unfortunate coincidences, but institutional collapses, this means that it is more important for the state to protect the government and several ministers, a local politician with feudal ambitions, a system that, if the president rights and institutions have done their job, has a very different purpose than protecting the common good, including the safety of citizens.

The expected presidential intervention was more of a guarantee for the government and politicians in power than an assurance to citizens that all political and institutional decision makers are working day and night to create all the conditions that made May 2 possible. , Crevedia and Botosani no longer exist.

In an interview given Spotmedia political scientist Radu Magdin has been warning since last year that the president has reached the status duck bladesthose. without influence and no longer counts, because the system, which is already reoriented to potential candidates, is disastrous for the country.

However, Klaus Iohannis does even more and washes his hands of any joint responsibility he has with the governments to which he transfers real and not symbolic executive power, despite the fact that these are governments that he created and dissolved with direct participation, if we remember the descent at the PNL congress, where Ludovic Orbán was removed to be led by Florin Chitu.

According to Klaus Johannis, there is no need to log out. Of course, analyzes are necessary, at least 11 institutions plus one are entrusted with investigating the Crevedia case, but the failed state that Klaus Iohannis once named is now functioning, so the Government has not been harmed.

Andrei Plesu, in one of his memorable texts, said that a perfectly practiced vice can be mistaken for a virtue: this is how a state appears, which, in a flawed form, functions outside the common good.

More serious, however, is the fact that the president has not taken into account the sanctions against Victor Ponta, who has been introduced into the government in order to do what Prime Minister Colacu cannot openly do, namely to build a bridge with the AUR and with an electorate that remains marginalized. and feeds on alarmist theories. and ultra-nationalist scenarios such as “The European Union sends us huge bills for treating our patients lightly, leaving the seriously ill to die in Romania.”

As president, I don’t think more could have been done. The president is only formally the executive branch, while governments act in practice. And then we might wonder if governments could actually do more. It remains a discussion that can be carried on. As president, I fought in Brussels for money, and let me remind you that I received 80 billion euros for Romania, part of it in regular funds, part of it in the so-called PNRR, which is still being discussed. they agree, change, to solve, for example, this problem.

Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania

(Protesters can be heard booing him louder and louder in the background)

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