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Marlene favela Over time, she has become one of the most famous Mexican actresses in her country. Everything he does does not escape specialized criticism and even more so if it is about his private life. That is why when she separated from her husband, the rumors began to spread giving versions that at all times left him in a bad way. Here we tell you who it is George seely, ex-partner of one of the protagonists of “La desalmada”, a telenovela that caught a large sector of the audience in Mexico.

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Months after they parted Marlene favela he saw how stories were invented from various sectors that tried to explain the reason for the end of his marriage. Until in June 2020, the Mexican artist, remembered by many as the protagonist of “Wild Cat”, confirmed through a video that she was separated from her daughter’s father.

In 2016, when they were just starting out, the couple made a splash in the media for their passionate romance. Although it is worth clarifying that Seely he was always reserved and did not like exposure. On the contrary, it was Marlene, who, being a public figure, did give details of her aforementioned romance, which for some seemed like a true soap opera story.

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Marlene Favela and George Seely used to publish the beautiful moments they lived on social networks (Photo: Instagram)
Marlene Favela and George Seely used to publish the beautiful moments they lived on social networks (Photo: Instagram)


George Seely is an Australian businessman who managed to win over Marlene Favela, when he was 40 years old and had achieved a name in the artistic world of his country and also worldwide. The ex-partner of the model, although not much is known about him, it transpired that he is dedicated to the automotive industry.

Them they met at a nightclub located in Polanco in Mexico City thanks to mutual friends, when the businessman was on vacation in that country. The connection between the two was almost instantaneous; and the English used by the actress allowed communication to be constant ever since.

In 2017, just a year after they met, George Seely proposed to Marlene Favela, who very excited published a photograph showing the engagement ring that her fiancé had given her. The moment was immortalized on his Instagram account, with a message that his followers still remember to this day.

“Today is the most important day of my life. Since I was a child I dreamed of my own love story, I dreamed of finding a man who loved me and respected me. And yes, love works in mysterious ways …Today I can confess that I feel lucky and blessed to have found not only a man who loves and respects me, but also the prince charming of my fairy tale., published the Mexican actress.

When the relationship between the two began, it was George who constantly posted photos with Marlene Favela on social media. Their romance started off the best, they understood each other perfectly and this allowed them to do many things together such as traveling to different parts of the world. Peru, San Francisco, Cuba and Australia, were some of the countries they visited in their first years of sentimental bond.

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George Seely’s vacation in Mexico was postponed due to the great time he was living with Marlene Favela. She said that everything that happened between the two happened naturally and that is why her friends were never surprised that they both got engaged so quickly.

The couple’s happiness crystallized when they got married in December 2017. The ceremony was held in a big way in the state of Querétaro, being one of the most important events in the artistic environment, as it brought together figures such as Altaír Jarabo, Nora Salinas, Ana Patricia Rojo, Tanya Vázquez and Fabiola Guajardo. As in any event of this type, the cake could not be missed, which had 8 floors and was decorated with small flowers, made by the famous brand Paulina Abascal.

As a result of the relationship of almost three years, George and Marlene They have a daughter whom they baptized with the name of Pretty. Some time later, just as the pandemic began, the couple separated. In 2021, the actress decided to show her face and explain her separation: “Whatever he has done, he has already paid for it because he missed the opportunity to be with his daughter and his wife and I want to tell them that he is a human being like any other, like you, like me, we make mistakes. […] I for my part did what I had to do to save my family.

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