WHO is crazy, don’t take it seriously, writes prestigious American newspaper

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Recently, ParlamentníListy.cz presented evidence that the World Health Organization (WHO) is independent only on paper. In fact, it is often influenced by its main donors, including big drug companies and giant private foundations. But even sadder, the WHO seems to be failing even in its efforts to manage the world’s health.

WHO is crazy, don't take it seriously, writes prestigious American newspaper

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Description: WHO chief executive Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us this in full nudity, during which the WHO has acted like a confused and incompetent organization. This is also supported by the findings of the Independent Pandemic Preparedness and Response Panel, which considered whether the coronavirus pandemic could have been avoided. At the same time, the panel came to the clear conclusion that a global epidemic with millions of victims could have been prevented if the WHO had declared a global emergency a week earlier and, in doing so, implemented travel bans much more vigorously. “The situation we are in today could have been prevented,” former Liberian president and commission co-chair Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told reporters in 2021.

At the same time, let us recall how the WHO behaved at the very beginning of the pandemic. As the new virus spread through China’s Wuhan province, the World Health Organization said China was coping with the situation. And as the coronavirus caught up with the rest of China and spread to other countries, WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus hailed the “transparency” of China’s response. And Tedros continued to praise Chinese President Xi Jinping’s leadership, even as evidence emerged that Chinese officials were silencing doctors reporting illness and deliberately underreporting the number of cases. Whether this was simply an expression of the incompetence of the WHO or the opinion of its head Tedros, a former member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front of Ethiopia, whose ideology is based, among other things, on Maoism, we can only guess. “We were deceived. I and other public health experts convinced the public, based on what the WHO and China were saying, that this was not serious, that we could control the situation,” commented Lawrence Gostin, professor of global health law.

The WHO also made fundamental ideological revolutions in the later stages of the pandemic. A typical example was the controversy over the wearing of masks. As early as April 2020, the WHO argued that stitched masks do little to help, but on the contrary, there is a significant risk of infection when they are removed. However, just three months later, the World Health Organization turned around and advised the public to wear cloth masks in places where social distancing is difficult, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 disease.

At the end of May, a North Korean representative became a member of the WHO Executive Board. The representative of the Korean dictatorship immediately used his election to criticize the United States for violating human rights. And how does the United States violate human rights, according to a North Korean medical “expert”? They say that these are sanctions against the regime of the North Korean dictator.

Back in May, the aforementioned director general of the World Health Organization met with Russian Deputy Health Minister Oleg Salagy to discuss “Russia’s achievements in improving maternal and child health.” Recall that at that time Russia had been bombing maternity hospitals and hospitals in Ukraine for more than a year. At the same time, the head of the WHO praised Russia for its child-friendly health policy. Not surprisingly, the prestigious American newspaper The Washington Post published a comment under the headline “The World Health Organization is crazy, don’t take it seriously.”

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