Who is Breel Embolo, the sad scorer

His image, frozen after having converted the goal with which Switzerland beat Cameroon 1-0 on the fifth day of the World Cup Qatar 2022, quickly traveled the world through social networks. And is not for less, His sure goal had embittered his father and more than one family member…

He grew up in the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé. Her parents separated early, and when Breel Embolo he was five years old, his mother moved to France to study at a school. There she met a Swiss man, with whom she fell in love and with whom she moved to Basel. At the age of six, Breel and her brother followed in her mother’s footsteps and moved to Basel.

His full name is actually Breel Donald Embolo and Donald, actually, was the nickname that he received during his adolescence to annoy him.

With a Swiss passport since 2014and despite having been called up by the former Cameroon coach, made his debut for the Swiss team in March 2015 against the United States. However, whenever he can, Embolo flies to Cameroon to visit the other part of his family. “There I can disconnect, but also have a good time. Also, it is important for me not to forget the differences that exist between the two places,” the Swiss told the newspaper. Basellandschaftliche Zeitung. He is in regular contact with his father, who lives in Cameroon.

In the preview of the game he had declared: “If I score, I’ll try not to celebrate. But football is a sport of emotions. If I celebrate it, it won’t be against my native country, but because I want to win”explains the Monaco center forward, the scorer of the match played at the Al Janoub stadium.

“It’s a very, very special game for me and for my whole family. Because it’s a bit like a conflict. There will be a lot of emotion throughout this duel.”Add.

“I thought a lot about my decision,” he admits. It was “very difficult. And suddenly, one day you wake up, you have your answers and you say to yourself: ‘This is what I want. There is no turning back.’ In my family there were supporters of both teams. But everyone respected my decision“, he assures.

Embolo today plays in Monacobut he made his debut at Basel in 2015 and then had a stint in German football, first at Schalke 04 and then at Borussia Mönchengladbach, but it was in the French team where he stabilized as a center forward and had Continuity in the Swiss team.

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