Who has the cheapest fiber this November?

When looking for the best fiber optic offers or fiber and mobile rates, the truth is that it does not seem that inflation has reached these rates. Or at least that’s what it seems if we take a look at the catalog of promotions, offers and rates of the different operators. For this reason, today we are going to collect some of the best options so that you can have Internet at home cheaper than ever or have fiber and mobile at the best price.

Among the different operators that we have come across are Orange, Jazztel, Digi, MásMóvil or Lowialthough they are not the only ones. These are some of the companies in which we will have different offers available that will get us the best Internet price at home or a convergent rate. For this reason, we bring you five fiber-only alternatives and five options for Internet + mobile.

Fiber-Only Deals

As we were saying, there are many operators that have prepared different fiber-only offers or rates for November. Therefore, finding the best price to have Internet at home is more possible than ever. And for you to have it easier, here we leave you the 4 cheapest fiber optic only rates For this month:

  • Jazztel: fiber 100 Mbps + fixed (you pay what you consume) for 19.95 euros per month. She has a stay of 12 months.
  • MoreMobile: fiber 300Mbps for 19.99 euros a month during the first 12 months. After the promotional price, you will have to pay 29.99 euros per month. Includes landline with unlimited calls and has a 12-month permanence.
  • digi: SMART 1 Gbps fiber (available in areas with carrier network coverage) for 20 euros per month. He has 3 months stay.
  • fine work: fiber with 100 Mbps for 20.90 euros a month. You choose whether or not you want permanence.
  • Orange: fiber with 500 Mbps per €25.95 per month for 12 months. After that time, the price will be 30.95 euros per month. It has a permanence of 12 months and includes unlimited calls from the fixed line to national numbers and 1,000 minutes to mobiles.

Optical fiber

Fiber and mobile rates at the best price

Now that we are clear about the fiber-only options, it is time to see the different offers and combined rates of the operators. Therefore, here we leave you the 5 best fiber and mobile rates for november:

  • Adam: 1 Gbps fiber + mobile with 20 GB and unlimited calls for 12 euros per month for 6 months. After those six months, the price will be 41 euros per month. It has a stay of 12 months.
  • digi: 1 Gbps fiber (area with Digi fiber coverage) + mobile with 10 GB cumulative and unlimited calls for 25 euros per month. Permanence of 3 months for the installation of the fiber.
  • simyo: 100 Mbps fiber + mobile with 20 GB and unlimited calls for 28.99 euros per month. Permanence of 3 months for the installation of the fiber.
  • lowi: 30 Mbps fiber + mobile with 10 GB and unlimited calls for 29.95 euros per month. It does not have any type of permanence as it is a fiber + mobile rate.
  • oops: 300 Mbps fiber + mobile with 10 GB and unlimited calls for 29.99 euros every month for a year. Once the first 12 months have passed, the price will be 34.99 euros per month. Does not include landline or permanence.

Offer fiber + mobile Suop

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